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Create amazing interactive experiences for any device,
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Publish, Share and Play Your Experiences

Whether collaborating with colleagues, building experiences for clients or doing both, you’re going to have to share your work with others. Intuiface automates the entire process and makes it so simple that you may get angry at the other creative tools you use.
Publish in One Click

All users are entitled to free Intuiface Cloud Storage. Using Amazon's AWS S3 service, Intuiface Cloud Storage hosts experiences for sharing, remote in-venue deployment, and web deployment with a single mouse click. Your work is now globally accessible.

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Create a Windows Self-Installer

No Intuiface? No problem. Each experience has a unique URL. Run that URL on any Windows device and we'll automate the installation of that experience as a self-running application. No account registration required; licenses from the sharing account will be used. You can get a sense for how it works by visiting our Examples, selecting any available experience and then clicking the "Try It" link.

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Share with Read-only or Read/Write Access Rights

Sharing editing responsibilities? Experiences published to the cloud can be shared with anyone who has an email address. Intuiface Composer flags shared projects as available for download. Just click! You decide if you want the collaborator to make changes to the master or only save changes to local copies. 

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Storage Localization

Intuiface Cloud Storage - free, unlimited experience storage requiring no configuration - uses Amazon's high scalable and reliable AWS S3 infrastructure. For any given experience, you can choose the AWS S3 geographic region most suitable for the deployment. This ability is critical for IT organizations requiring in-country storage of all intellectual property, even if that infrastructure (like AWS S3) is ISO 27001 certified.

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Preview Deployments Targeting Any Platform On Windows

Intuiface Composer - the editor - can emulate our HTML5-based Intuiface Player technology used on all non-Windows devices. Test your work on these other platforms without even having the target device in-house.

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Try All Platforms For Free

Every feature available in Intuiface can be evaluated for free during our 28-day Trial on all supported platforms. Don't spend a dollar - or euro - until you are convinced Intuiface does exactly what you need it to do. There are no hidden features and no limitations preventing you from seeing everything in action.

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