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Deep Analytics Through Interactivity

The beauty of interactive content is it can tell you the exact preferences of your target audience: they touch what they like. Use Intuiface's enterprise-class analytics capability to define, collect, visualize, and share data collected by your interactive Intuiface experiences, turning those experiences into an essential KPI resource. All without coding! For a more complete description - plus video demonstration - see our Analytics overview.
Log Everything

Capture virtually any event imaginable. Start with all interactive events - items selected, videos played, scenes visited. But also capture identification information - like an ID from an RFID/NFC reader or beacon - and location info like time, city, weather. It's deeply rich context for every event.

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Create Charts

Use our Chart Editor to compare performance, visualize trends, identify outliers, measure contribution, and more. Works with all collected data and offers a wide variety of chart creation and editing options. Includes the ability to export charts in flat file formats (e.g. image, PDF) and as data sets for offline analysis.

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Capture Events Automatically

 A wide range of information is automatically recorded for every data point. Time of experience start/stop. Time of scene entry/exit. Name of device. Name of experience. Timestamp of the trigger you're capturing. And much more.

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Forward Everywhere

Intuiface collects data points from even the largest multi-device deployment and combines them into a single cloud-based data store. From there you can download data into Excel, push them to third party data mining platforms like Mixpanel and Segment, or forward them to your own cloud-hosted database.

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Share Insight

Build an unlimited number of dashboards, each comprised of a unique set of charts specifically collected for a particular audience. Each dashboard be shared with read-only access via any number of public URLs or website-hosted iframes. Configure shares on the fly, controlling what is and is not visible.

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Record Unlimited Data Point Parameters

For each logged event you can record an unlimited amount of static and dynamically accessed information to give that event further context, improving analytic insight.

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Manage Sessions

Differentiate users of your interactive content using any set of parameters you specify. Could be something simple like "after two minutes of no interaction" or "whenever the Restart button is touched". Or could be quite advanced, using badge-reader information to capture user IDs or using face-detection software to identify new people as they approach, combined with their age and gender.

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Capture Data While Online or Offline

Will your deployments be offline? Will Internet connectivity be inconsistent? When offline, Intuiface stores data points locally, monitoring Internet connectivity and uploading data once connection is reestablished.

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Use On All Intuiface Supported Platforms

Collect data across the largest line-up of devices in the industry. Build once, run it everywhere. Then parse your data by platform for an interesting perspective on your users.

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Fast and Light Data Transfer

Data is transferred at a 98% compression rate, significantly reducing data plan use over 3G/4G connections.

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