Intuiface Features

Create amazing interactive experiences for any device,
in record time, without coding.

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Deploy & Manage Your Work

You've put together amazing interactive content, now it's time to get it out there. Deploy your work onto Windows, iPad, Android, Chrome, BrightSign, Samsung SSP, and LG webOS devices. Where are these devices? Anywhere in the world. And Intuiface enables you to keep an eye on these devices to ensure they're up and running.
Target Any Make/Model Touch Screen

We like to say the Intuiface platform is hardware agnostic. With rare exceptions, manufacturer and physical screen dimensions – 10.4” diagonal vs. 82” – are irrelevant. All Intuiface needs to know is the pixel resolution to ensure designers are provided with the right canvas size for their design. So target everything from an Android tablet and iPad Pro to the Microsoft Surface Pro, a Lenovo Chromebook, a 22'' HP all-in-one kiosk or an 82" Planar-based multi-display video wall .

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Access Through Customized Cloud-hosted Control Panel

Every user has a personal My Intuiface homepage. Through this site, users can access everything from their license inventory to analytics dashboards to the Share & Deploy console, our HTML5-based tool automating the process of experience sharing and remote deployment.

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Deploy to the web or as a local app

Your experiences aren't limited to the venue. Deploy them to the web either embedded in an iFrame or as a stand-alone webpage. Alternatively, install as native app, with its own icon and app name. Supported on any phone/tablet/PC running Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux

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Quickly and Easily License Devices in the Field

With multiple keyboard-free methods for licensing Intuiface Player - including the ability to license Players sight-unseen - you never have to worry about preparing widescale, remote environments for experience deploy

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Deploy Globally From Anywhere

Our web-based Intuiface Share & Deploy console presents a real-time inventory of all Internet-accessible instances of Intuiface Player - regardless of geography or operating system - and enables device-level deployment of experiences. Use tag-based Player filters to deploy the right experience to the right devices using nothing but your mouse; apply schedules for hands-free experience push and play . Work with devices in multiple countries, never leave your chair.

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Wrap Your Custom UI Around Our Share & Deploy REST API

Everything you can do via our web-based Intuiface Shared & Deploy console can also be achieved programmatically through a REST API. Using this API, you can custom build your own UI tailored to the specific needs of customers and clients. Or integrate our APIs into an existing CMS. It's up to you.

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Schedule Deployment and Other Player Services

Control the date, time, and frequency of remote deployment and other Player services like system reboot and software updates. This ensures well-planned processes are automated and don't depend upon manual intervention.

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Run Your Content Both Online and Offline

No Internet connection? No problem. Save Intuiface experiences locally and run them offline. Pull the Internet cord from your Windows PC, shut down WiFi on your tablet or kiosk. Of course, by running experiences online, you can take advantage of remote deployment, integrations with third party services, and more. It's your choice!

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Monitor with Crash Recovery

Monitor the health of hundreds of devices in real time. Force a restart. Remotely update Intuiface Player software on any device, anywhere. Use our automatic crash recovery capability.  You can even see the active scene in the running experience on each device! It is up to the second insight for all of your devices.

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