Intuiface Features

Create amazing interactive experiences for any device,
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Manage Content

Content Managers love structured data, data that reflects project objectives, messages, audiences. Our Headless CMS is all about the data and makes it possible to store far more complex data sets than previously thought possible. Users can even add and manage content before a UI exists! This means no Composer skills required, just a web browser and a few good ideas.

Create Any Data Structure

With the Intuiface Headless CMS, data leads the way. Build the schema you need and reuse it across multiple designs. From text to images, videos, documents, and more, you control every aspect of your data feed - and zero knowledge of the targeted UI is required.

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Manage Everything in the Cloud

The Headless CMS lives in the cloud, enabling Content Managers to perform all data structure management and content entry in a web browser. Their physical location, and proximity to the deployed environment, is irrelevant. And distributed teams can easily collaborate.

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Control Users and Access Rights

You choose who has access to each base and the level of editing control in their hands. Differentiate between Content Managers, Reviewers, and Administrators.

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Automatic Base Duplication

Base structure and content can become quite complex. With Intuiface, experience copies saved in Composer can trigger an automatic base duplication process. This process copies the entirety of the base and replicates all links to design elements in the new experience. This experience copy is immediately ready for deployment.

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Easily Integrate Content with Your Design

Since the Headless CMS is all about the data, your Design team has total freedom when creating the target user interface. In fact, multiple experiences with different UIs can all use the same base, and experiences can be created before the data is even ready.

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Sync and Cache Directly On In-the-Field Devices

An automatically created local copy of each cloud-hosted base is synchronized whenever there are changes. The resulting local communication means lightning-fast data transfer to your experiences and immunity from unreliable or infrequent network connections.

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