Intuiface Features

Create amazing interactive experiences for any device,
in record time, without coding.

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Connect & Extend To Personalize

With Intuiface you can connect your user interface to external data and extend your design to incorporate business logic and any object found among the Internet of Things. Don't want to be limited to static data? Want to link the user experience to a back office system? You can do it with Intuiface.
Connect To Any API With API Explorer

Without writing a line of code, automatically generate a dynamic connection to any REST-based Web Services API, enabling you to display or upload content in real-time. There are tens of thousands of free services out there offering everything from weather information and stock quotes to NASA photos, museum exhibits and real estate listings. Or use a paid service for your own content management system or connected device.

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Enhance with Artificial Intelligence

Submit predefined and user-generated prompts to the latest and most popular AI LLMs (large language models), collect the responses in real-time, and then customize for display. Intuiface has out-of-the-box support for OpenAI GPT, DALL-E, Whisper, and Vision. You can also create your own integrations for any other LLM with a Web API.

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Receive Messages from 3rd Party Cloud-based Services

The Intuiface Web Triggers API enables any third party data source, business logic, or device to talk to Intuiface. We support IFTTT and Zapier out of the box or you can create support for your own services and devices, like back office systems or RFID/NFC readers.

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Extend To Any External Resource Or Business Logic

If Intuiface doesn't support your data source, back office system or Internet-aware object or if you need some complex business logic, go ahead and build that support yourself using our extensive online documentation and examples. Intuiface can be extended using C# or TypeScript. Want some help? Enlist our development services team.

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​Generate QR Codes

Intuiface can take any URL as input and display the corresponding QR code. Create take-home information on the fly for kiosk visitors without knowing in advance which information will spur their interest. Perhaps use this in combination with Intuiface's beacon support!

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Incorporate Sensors, Tag Readers, and Connected Objects

It is easy for the world to communicated with Intuiface. Use sensors like motion and presence detection from Nexmosphere. Tag readers using RFID or NFC technologies like bar code scanners or chip and pin devices. Connected objects like any networked device accessible in the cloud through a Web API. If it’s aware of the world, Intuiface can talk to it.

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Choreograph Using Remote Actions

Intuiface experiences can communicate with one another across your local intranet or the Internet. A trigger in one experience can launch actions in another. And a remote action API enables you to use third-party applications to control Intuiface experiences as well.

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Use Microsoft Excel

Your Intuiface experience can write to and read from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. List information and media references in a spreadsheet; Intuiface reads, filters, sorts and displays that content using templates you create. Update the spreadsheet and the display updates automatically.

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Share Content

Your prospect wants a brochure emailed to them? Marked up a schematic with colleagues and want to save it for future reference? Use Intuiface’s media sharing capabilities so important information doesn’t stay locked on the screen. Send emails with attachments or save content to the local file system or a USB memory stick.

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Display Live Video Feeds

Enhance your experience by displaying live streaming video broadcast via any Web-based video protocol. This real-time display complements Intuiface's support for both local videos of virtually any format and server-hosted video sources like YouTube.

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