Intuiface Features

Create amazing interactive experiences for any device,
in record time, without coding.

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Flexible Licensing Model and Administration

Various subscription options are available to ensure all project needs can be met. These licenses can be mixed and matched to ensure you never pay for more than you need while retaining the flexibility to make changes on the fly.
Quickly and Easily License Devices in the Field

With multiple keyboard-free methods for licensing Intuiface Player - including the ability to license Players sight-unseen - you never have to worry about preparing widescale, remote environments for experience deploy

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Unlimited Feature Access During Trial

There are absolutely no limits on what you can evaluate during our 28-day Trial. That's 100% of Intuiface capability at no cost. Build anything you want - and keep all that work once you decide to become a paying customer.

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Single Sign-On Option

Log into Intuiface software and web-hosted services using your company's in-house Identity Provider. Intuiface won't store your password, increasing security, and teams can control which members are able to create Intuiface accounts.

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Transfer Licences Between Accounts

To ease collaboration with large internal teams or multiple clients, you can temporarily transfer your own licenses to other Intuiface accounts. This lowers the bar for collaboration by eliminating the need for your colleagues and clients to buy their own licenses.

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Share Your Licenses

Just because you have 10 designers doesn’t mean you need 10 licenses. Use our shared licensing model and you can equip a large team with a small investment. Intuiface handles all license server activity so there is nothing for you to host on premises.

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Align Renewal Dates

It's not uncommon to purchase licenses - particularly Player licenses - as you need them. An unfortunate side effect is having to track multiple renewal dates. With Intuiface's renewal alignment feature, you can select any set of licenses, regardless of when each one was purchased, and assign them the same renewal date. This makes budgeting and bookkeeping much easier to manage.

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Deploy as White Label

Exclusively for Windows PCs, you have ownership of the splash screen that appears when starting up your Intuiface experience in the field. Show nothing, show your own brand marks, show your client's - it's up to you.

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Unique Hibernation Mode

Intuiface's special Hibernation plan protects accounts that are either not ready to proceed after conclusion of the 28-day trial or have let their Platform subscription expire. During Hibernation, Intuiface protects all account data and meta-data stored on Intuiface servers, including experiences, Analytics data points, and Headless CMS bases. This plan can be renewed monthly and stopped at any time.

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Generous Volume Discounting

Volume discounts are available to select Intuiface accounts. Intuiface's generous formula gives volume credit for both the existing license inventory as well as the licenses currently being purchased. This means an accelerated discount percentage as the number of purchased, active licenses increase.

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