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The Reason behind Retail Success – Interactive Digital Signage

The Reason behind Retail Success – Interactive Digital Signage
The use of touchscreen devices became widespread in the past decade thanks to smartphones and tablets. Many customers carry these devices in their bags and pockets and rely on them daily for personal and business use.

Touchscreens have contributed to the increasing popularity of interactive digital signage, which has found its way to retail establishments and targets tech-savvy shoppers with the penchant for technology. Through interactive digital signage, retailers can increase their chances of attracting more customers and provide better services. When you think about all these factors, it makes sense to embrace interactive digital signage to remain competitive and ensure a more fun, engaging, and memorable buying experience for your customers.

There are many benefits to embrace interactive digital signage. For one thing, it lets you showcase digital sales experiences in your store. That way, you can engage shoppers in a more intimate and personalized manner that makes them receptive to your promotional message and to your brand. If the same experiences are informative and entertaining, you can help keep your customers in your establishment much longer. With interactive digital signage, you can effectively promote loyalty programs, discounts, and new products through interactive screens with attractive graphics.

Sensor scenario in Digital Signage
Using Beacon Technology in Digital Signage

is an important factor in retail success, and interactive digital signage can make it easier for you to determine what your customers are doing, what they want or need, and what they are looking for. Interactive content lets you know the exact preference of your customers through the things they touch and choose to view. High-end interactive digital signage platforms come with enterprise-class data tracking which collects, defines, and sends data from your displays to your analytics platform of choice. That way, you can perform analysis, marketing automation and data warehousing without coding. Every event can be captured, from the selected items to the videos that were played and the scenes that were visited. ID information from a beacon or RFID/NFC reader can be captured along with the location, too.

Unlike static and printed signage, even the simplest digital interactive displays can attract more attention by featuring moving and animated graphics. Interactive digital signage may be the answer to the success of your retail business as it helps to increase the aesthetics of your stores and establish better relationships with your customers. Likewise, it can help you save time and effort, especially when you use an advanced platform for creating your own engaging and rich interactive digital experiences.

Geoff Bessin
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