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Licensing and Pricing FAQ

Licensing and Pricing FAQ

The following questions and answers should help you to better evaluate which licensing option is the best for your needs. For a look at our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA), see this page. For our Terms and Conditions, see this page.To visit our Pricing page for subscription licenses, click here.

Licensable Components of Intuiface

1. What is the difference between Composer and Player?

Intuiface Composer enables you to design interactive experiences on any Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC. Your interactive experiences are run by Intuiface Player on any Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 device plus on the iPad, off-the-shelf Android tablets, custom Android devices, Chrome OS devices, the Samsung Tizen-based SMART Signage Platform, and LG webOS-based smart displays. NOTE: Composer includes two embedded Players – at no extra charge - so you can test your experiences before deployment. One embedded Player simulates Player for Windows. The other embedded Player simulates Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks (as they use the same technology).

Purchase Plan Options

2. What is a subscription license?

A subscription license enables the use of Intuiface Composer and Intuiface Player over a specific period of time. Think of it as a rental model for Composer and Player. Two time periods are available for purchase: monthly (a rolling calendar month) and yearly (a rolling calendar year). At the conclusion of the purchased time period, Composer and/or Player cease to operate unless a renewal payment has been collected.

Licenses are device specific; each device needs its own license. However, there is no limit to the number of times a Composer or Player license can be transferred from one device to another. For more information about device-to-device license transfers, see this article.

NOTE: Composer and Player are purchased separately and their subscription clock begins at the moment of purchase.

3. How does subscription renewal work?

Subscription customers are automatically rebilled – via credit card - at the end of each purchased time period.  Rebill notification will be sent 30 days and 5 days prior to the renewal date. Automated subscription renewal can be stopped at any time using the My Licenses section of our online My Intuiface website. Instructions for cancelling renewal can be found here. When auto-renewal is stopped, customers will not be charged for the next subscription period and will continue to be able to use Composer and/or Player until the end of the current subscription period. Early termination is not subject to any refund for the current period.

Each subscription and subscription renewal - once payment has been collected - requires Internet-mediated activation (phone activation is not available) no more than five days after the beginning of a new period. After that five day period, in the absence of Internet-mediated activation, subscriptions will cease to work. To reactivate these licenses, you must establish an Internet connection on each hosting device. If you plan to use subscription licenses in an environment without Internet access, and you're targeting Windows PCs, purchase 3 year pre-paid annual Player for Windows licenses as they permit offline license activation.

4. Can I buy Composer across multiple plans?

No, an Intuiface account can be associated with only one Composer plan. For example, if you purchase one Composer Essential license then all of your Composer purchases must be Composer Essential.

5. Can I upgrade from one Composer plan to another?

Yes, you can upgrade all Composer licenses from any lower tier plan to a higher tier plan. We will credit you an amount equal to the unused value of full months (not partial months) remaining your current subscription, an amount you would put towards purchase of a higher tier plan. Contact us for details.

6. What if I have only short duration projects?

The month-to-month subscription license option enables a short-term, monthly commitment to Intuiface Composer and Player. Only purchase what you need, cancel licenses after project completion, purchase more when demand resurfaces. Just be careful, use the month-to-month option for too long and you will end up paying more than if you purchased an annual license.

7. What would qualify me for academic discounts?

Qualifying institutions are 1) accredited primary or secondary schools with full time instruction, 2) accredited public or private universities and colleges granting degrees requiring at least two years of study, and 3) teaching hospitals. Such institutions can purchase the Premier plan Composers at an 80% discount. One limitation: account-to-account license transfers are prohibited.

8. Are there partnership or reseller options that deliver product discounts?

Intuiface runs a VAR Program for qualified agencies and integrators. Contact Sales for details.

Intuiface has also created an Intuiface Experts program for design agencies which grants - among other benefits - an accelerated volume discount pricing schedule. See this page for more information.

9. Is it possible to remove the splash screen from Player?

For Windows PCs, we offer a white label version of Player for Windows permitting you to either eliminate the Player splash screen entirely or substitute it with your own splash screen image. (The splash screen is the image you see whenever a software program starts.) For more information about the white label Player for Windows, see this article.

For the iPad and Android devices, we offer a post-to-store service in which Player and your experience are bundled into an app posted to the App Store and/or Google Play. These apps have no Intuiface branding and require no knowledge of Intuiface. For more information, see this article.

10. Is there a trial version of Composer Essential / Premier / Enterprise?

100% of Composer design capabilities are available in Composer Free. The limitations of Composer Free concern playback. For a look at these limitations, see this article.

For select accounts, a two week Enterprise trial is available to those who wish to try Intuiface's remote deployment feature.

11. What is the pricing policy?

License cost can vary based on the geographic location of the purchaser. If any Intuiface licenses are purchased at prices other than those linked to the geographic location of a purchasing agent, Intuiface will cancel the purchase and enforce the appropriate license cost. There are no exceptions.

In addition, Intuiface may change the price for any license or data tracking option at any time and will communicate these price changes to all registered accounts by email at least 15 days before the price change. Price changes for active subscriptions will take effect at the start of the next subscription period following the date of the price change. If you do not agree with the price changes, you have the right to reject the change by cancelling your subscription prior to the price change going into effect. Please make sure you read any such notification of price changes carefully.

Intuiface will charge a 5% uplift for credit card purchases involving any currency other than USD or EUR. This uplift covers the transaction fees levied by banks for currency conversion.

12. What is the refund policy?

Refund requests for licenses and subscription renewals will be accepted up to a maximum of fourteen (14) days post-purchase in the EU and seven (7) days post-purchase for the rest of the world IF COMPOSER/PLAYER: RUN NO MORE THAN ONE TIME / DATA TRACKING: PROCESSED NO MORE THAN 1000 DATA POINTS. See this page for more information. Remember that with Composer Free you can evaluate the entire Intuiface feature set at no cost.


13. Can I pay in currency other than the one listed for my country?

Yes. Intuiface will charge a 5% uplift for credit card purchases involving any currency other than USD or EUR. This uplift covers the transaction fees levied by banks for currency conversion.

14. What if I don't have a credit card?

We also accept payment by wire transfer or by check. However, license keys will only be delivered upon receipt of payment.

For wire transfers: Must be an OUR transfer – i.e. you (the customer) pay all bank-levied transaction fees.

License Management

15. How do I manage my licenses?

Intuiface Composer and Player licenses can be managed online via the License Dashboard. Management options include releasing licenses for transfer, cancelling/resuming cancelled subscriptions and storingcomments about each device running Intuiface.

16. Can I transfer licenses from one computer or device to another?

Each device requires its own Intuiface Composer or Player license and a license can only be on one device at a time. However, there is no limit to how often a license can be transferred from one device to another. See this article for more information.

17. Can I have more than one Composer license type on the same PC?

No. Intuiface accounts can only draw from a single Composer plan. However, multiple instances of Composer can be run on a single PC, enabling you to work on / copy content between multiple experiences at the same time. All instances of Composer on the same PC share the same license; multiple keys are not required.

18. When is an Internet connection required while using Composer or Player?

See this page for the most up-to-date information. The frequency of Internet access required depends upon the license type and duration.


19. What kind of support is provided?

All users - free or paid - are entitled to Maintenance, Support and Update (MSU) benefits during the course of their subscription, at no cost.

  • Maintenance: Bug fixes. Fixes are only applied to the latest version of Intuiface shipping at the time those fixes are ready.
  • Support: Discussion forumsonline documentationeducational videos and more, all listed here. Use an online form to open new Support tickets. There is no phone-based support.
  • Update: New and improved features. Updates are only applied to the latest version of Intuiface shipping at the time those updates are ready.

Response time for new Support tickets:

  • Enterprise-level accounts can expect a one day max response window.
  • Essential and Premier-level accounts can expect a two day max response window.
  • Free-level accounts are also entitled to Support assistance but paid accounts are prioritized to the head of the Support queue.

Opening Experiences Across Composer Plans

20. What’s the most important thing to know about how Intuiface Composer licensing works?

The experiences you create with Composer include information about which Composer plan was used to create them. This means there are four kinds of experiences – Free, Essential, Premier and Enterprise – matching each of the four Composer plans. By keeping this idea in mind, the rules governing how to work with experiences across Intuiface accounts with different plans will make sense.

21. What are the limitations of Composer Free?

For a list of limitations, see this article.

22. How do I open an experience created using Composer Free in a paid Player or on another PC in Composer Essential/Premier/Enterprise?

Composer Free experiences cannot be run in Composer Essential/Premier/Enterprise. Composer Free experiences can be run in Composer Free or in licensed or unlicensed Players.

  • Composer Essential/Premier/Enterprise: You must first - on the PC used to create the Composer Free experience - upgrade Composer to a paid plan and then resave your experience. It is this resaved experience that can be opened by corresponding Composer Essential/Premier/Enterprise installations on other PCs.
  • Player: The free version of Player (for Windows, for Kiosks, for Tablets) can run experiences created using Composer Free. A paid Player will display free Player limitations if the experience was created using Composer Free.
23. Where can unlicensed Players be found?
  • Windows: The free Player for Windows can be downloaded from the Intuiface Installers page.
  • iPad, Android, Chrome: The free Player for Tablets and  free Player for Kiosks can be found in their respective app stores.
  • Samsung SSP: The free Player for Kiosks can be accessed by following the directions here.
  • LG webOS: The free Player for Kiosks can be accessed by following the directions here.
24. Can Composer Free open, play and save experiences created using Composer Essential?

Yes, but be aware that use of Composer Free means the changes you make can only be saved to a Composer Free version of the experience. The result is an experience that can only be opened, edited and saved by other installations of Composer Free.

25. Can Composer Free open, play and save experiences created using Composer Premier or Composer Enterprise?

Yes, but be aware that 1) use of Composer Free means changes you make can only be saved to a Composer Free version of the experience (i.e. an experience that cannot be opened in any higher tier of Composer), and 2) custom Interface Assets added using the Composer Premier or Composer Enterprise must be manually removed before saving the experience.

26. Can you summarize all of this sharing-by-edition info for me?
27. Can I launch Composer directly into Play Mode?

No, there is no way to have Composer launch directly into Play Mode. Edit Mode must be entered first.

Deploying Your Experiences

28. Can the Share and Deploy Console deploy experiences to PCs with only Composer installed?

No. The Share and Deploy Console can only deploy experiences to devices running licensed Players.

29. Can the Share and Deploy Console deploy experiences published using Composer Free, Composer Essential or Composer Premier?

The Share and Deploy Console can deploy experiences published by any paid Composer plan - Essential, Premier, Enterprise. (To be published by a different paid plan means the published experience was created by some other Intuiface account and then shared. This is because an Intuiface account cannot mix Composer plans.) Composer Free experiences cannot be deployed using the Share and Deploy Console.

NOTE: Only Enterprise-level accounts have access to the remote deployment feature of the Share and Deploy console.

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