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What Is The Best Multi-Touch Presentation Tool Around?

What Is The Best Multi-Touch Presentation Tool Around?
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Damjan Haylor

Intuiface, a multi-touch software capable program for presenters that’s geared toward the ever-growing market of touch-screens.

This post was originally posted on Presentation-Guru.


Many people will be familiar with the most popular presentation applications such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote, with plenty of other lesser known apps available.

Assuming the presentation has been well structured and designed in the first place, then these apps can be used to create visually persuasive and impactful presentations.

However, over the past few years there has been a proliferation of touchscreen laptops, desktops and display systems which will only accelerate. Also, clients are increasingly demanding more innovative approaches to their presentations – wanting to stand out and have more engaging experiences with their customers.

Traditional presentation apps work perfectly well on touchscreens but if you want to really push the boundaries of what you can do, then Intuiface, by Intuilab, is an application designed specifically to create multi-touch experiences.

Intuiface is the leading application for creating measurable interactive experiences for all touchscreen devices. You might not have heard the name, but you have probably used touchscreens running the software. Retail has been an early adopter of touchscreen technology and Intuiface’s multi-touch presentation tool is one of the biggest players in this market.


With their irresistible come-play-with-me qualities and ability for dynamic storytelling, touchscreen displays spark a real desire in any audience to explore further.

Intuiface really comes into its own with multi-touch presentations by enabling deep interactive experiences for the audience – empowering them to interact and explore directly with the experience. A traditional presentation, even if interactive, is usually led by a presenter or if not can be quite simplistic in its interaction.


The Royal Mint wanted an experience for their exhibitions whereby attendees could browse and interact with their collection of several hundred historic and current coins, each a unique piece of craftsmanship.

We needed to use an app which was specifically designed to make best use of multi-touch systems, enabling people to explore The Royal Mint’s coins in a way never possible before – encouraging them to discover more and stay longer.

Intuiface’s Interactive Presentation With Royal Mint
‍Zooming into images to explore the detail

Intuiface allowed us to do things that PowerPoint or Prezi just couldn’t. With interactive carousels, collections could be explored; coins could be zoomed into showing the exquisite craftsmanship in minute detail; videos could be watched of interviews with coin designers and craftsmen and interactive content could be explored to learn about the history and rich heritage of The Royal Mint.

On one level, coins are commonplace objects, but experiencing them in original, dazzling ways brings a new dimension to the every day. You can watch a video of the interactive presentation experience in action here.






Intuiface’s Multi-Touch Presentation Software WYSIWYG
‍Slides created in Intuiface

At the heart of the Intuiface experience is a WYSIWIG editor with a wide range of drag-and-drop elements – enabling anyone to get started and build fantastic immersive experiences.

You can import PowerPoint slides to convert a static presentation into an interactive one – but to make full use of the interactivity our recommendation would be to build the presentation from scratch with Intuiface’s multi-touch presentation software – that way you can explore all that it has to offer.


The application comes with default templates to help you get going, combined with a very intuitive user interface and exceptionally useful help files covering every aspect of experience development.


Intuiface Composer showing the Royal Mint Interactive experience
IntuiFace working environment


Interactivity is at the core of Intuiface. It is built with an array of functionality, ranging from simple button navigation, to incredibly complex triggers and user interactions. As you would expect there are also built in animation effects which really help to bring movement and life to your experiences.

People viewing the experiences can also annotate and make changes to the experience in a live setting, so if you are discussing a graphic with a client, they can make changes to the graphic on the screen and this can be saved into the experience, adding a whole new level of engagement.

Intuiface supports a plethora of external media such as Flash, video, 3d models, Photoshop as well as custom coding allowing you to create almost any kind of experience – if you can imagine it, then it’s most likely possible with Intuiface!

Experiences can be created for any mobile device, touchscreen displays and video walls – you can make experiences as large as you like to cover multiple displays.


Video Wall running an Interactive experience made with Intuiface
Video Wall running IntuiFace


For more advanced projects you can integrate Intuiface with an Excel database – allowing you to create an experience with a wide range of content, all controlled from one location for advanced asset management.

Built-in analytics allow you to track every interaction users have with your experience so you can see what people have been clicking and watching and for how long.

There is an online portal which allows you to access and update experiences remotely, as well as deploy across remote mobile devices. With API integration you can also control connected devices such as lighting and incorporate NFC and beacon technology.

When connected to a camera Intuiface can also tailor the content on the screen to the demographics of the audience – if a man is interacting with the experience then the content can be tailored to him and likewise for a woman (it can also determine age and other features) – ideal for retail.

The above functionality is only a small part of what is achievable with Intuiface and although we are Gold accredited Intuiface experts we feel we have only explored a small part of what is possible.



Which application you use to create your presentation experiences comes down to the type of experience your audience wants and the best way to convey your message.

As presentation designers we are always working with our clients to really understand what resonates with their customers, the most effective way to get their message across and the most engaging way of telling their story. Using Intuiface's interactive presentation tool to create engaging, enjoyable and tactile experiences for customers has enabled us to elevate our customers’ content to another level and talk to their customers in a much more intimate way.

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Damjan Haylor
Damjan Haylor

Managing Director and Co-founder at Popcomms

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