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The Most Important Thing You’re Probably Not Doing for Digital Signage

IntuiFace Data Tracking
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

You've spent hours - days, weeks - identifying target user profiles, creating compelling content, designing gorgeous layouts, selecting top-of-the-line hardware,...

You've spent hours - days, weeks - identifying target user profiles, creating compelling content, designing gorgeous layouts, selecting top-of-the-line hardware, picking the choicest locations. You've covered every angle and now your signage is on the show floor, in the store, on location, in a Sales Rep's hands. Question: how's it doing?

Seriously, how is your content doing? Is it working? (Whatever "working" actually means.) Who's using it? What are they responding to? Does reponse vary by location, time of day, screen size, season? Should you change anything? What lessons have you learned and how can you make it better? How do you measure "better"?

‍Measuring the effectiveness of your content with Data Tracking

As the saying goes, you can't manage what you can't measure. Are you measuring the effectiveness of your deployed content? Are you using it to make informed decisions for everything from content modification to marketing automation?

Perhaps the most critical aspect to ensuring a successful signage deployment is identifying and implementing a means for tracking data to identify what is and is not effective. As shared in this blog and elsewhere, static signage is hindered by an unavoidable limitation - there is no direct evidence of its effectiveness. Attempts at data capture are based upon inference and circumstantial evidence. In fact, it's so hard that one may naturally reject it as impossible and doesn't even attempt it.

Then there are all the classic presentation tools out there - from PowerPoint to Prezi - that also give little to no attention to measurement. In a way, our technology has trained us to not think about usage data because it's just so hard to come by.

Interactive content - such as touch-first signage - brings with it a rich, accessible source of usage data. Not only do you know exactly what is effective - your audience, sales rep, visitor touched it - but you can pair that information with user identificaiton and environmental context. Use gender detection to identify preferences for men vs. women. Use store and in-store location to identify optimal placement. Use weather and season to identify how tastes change. Use dwell time to focus on the content most frequently discussed by sales reps.

What Data should you be tracking?

It's not your fault if you haven't really thought about incorporating data tracking and analytics into your signage projects. You've been conditioned by the technology available on the market.

Here are some sample questions you can answer with an effective data tracking and analytics approach. Would you like to know these answers?


  • Which stores have the most interactive signage use?
  • What is the % of loyalty card holders who have browsed?
  • Which product generated the most interest on a rainy day?
  • What is the gender split for kiosk users?

Sales Presentations

  • How many times was the pitch delivered?
  • Which topics were most discussed with a prospect?
  • How much time was spent delivering the pitch?
  • Capture presenter feedback on different topics

Trade Shows

  • How many leads were collected during the first day?
  • What was the average idle time for various times of day?
  • What were the most popular videos?
  • What share of sessions were run by staff vs. self-service?


  • What were the most popular videos / topics?
  • How many Members identified themselves?
  • What is the average length of a session?
  • What feedback did visitors have to share?


  • What is the most popular menu item on a weekday?
  • Which tourist destination gets the least number of queries?
  • Which of the promoted restaurants is most often selected on a rainy day?
  • Which partner ads generated the most views and requests for an email?

IntuiFace has all of this covered. Enterprise class data tracking with the digital signage industry's most comprehensive support for third party analytics, marketing automation and data warehousing platforms - and never write code. It's much easier than you think. You'll find the details here.

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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