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Our “Bootstrap My Project” Service Option

Our “Bootstrap My Project” Service Option
We created the Bootstrap Service to meet the needs of those in search of consulting assistance. We figure the best way to teach is to hold our client's hand as we create a framework and design embodying their project goal. Once that initial draft is in place, the client will have the requisite skills and experience to finish the project and tackle their next one solo.

As wonderful as IntuiFace is - and it is WONDERFUL - no one new to it will be cranking out award winning masterpieces after just one day. And let's face it, with a deadline and competing priorities, you may just not have the time, focus, background or desire to get yourself from 0 to 60 simply through self-effort.

Are you a candidate? Ask yourself if any of the following scenarios applies to you:

  • In a rush to present a live interactive experience to a prospective client and want to win the deal? 
  • Need a sure way to convince your organization that IntuiFace is the right product for the job?
  • Know that IntuiFace is the tool for you but need a hand to kickstart your first project?
  • Love IntuiFace but your deadline is coming too soon for you to get all the work done by yourself?
  • Want to create templates you can reuse across multiple client engagements?

Your motivation may be to fill a knowledge gap or to get a jump on things. Either way, the Boostrap Service will not only vastly accelerate your ability to complete a project but will ensure your increased mastery of IntuiFace. Think of the output as a Version 1 implementation of your interactive content, suitable both for proof-of-concept discussions with clients / internal stakeholders as well as for giving you a headstart and the skills to complete the project.


Here's how the service works:


Give us your wireframes / mock-ups / storyboards, media, Excel-based datastore and/or any source of inspiration (video, website etc.).


We build an interactive experience based on your input. 


At both the mid-point review and final delivery, a live screen sharing session is conducted by one of IntuiLab's design experts. You will be walked through the approach taken to implement each feature, dramatically accelerating your IntuiFace learning curve.


And to ensure full transparency, we've even set this service at a fixed price of 5,000 USD / EUR. You know exactly what it will cost and what you can expect from us. And if for some bizarre reason you're not satisfied, the fee is refundable.

It's our 'teach a user to fish' service.

Interested in getting one started? Let us know! If telling your friends and neighbors, you can send them to this page for a nice summary.

Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Chief Evangelist at Intuiface, which means I think about the intersection of digital interactivity with signage and presentations. Pearls of wisdom? Well...

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