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IntuiLab Introduces New HTML5-based Technology

IntuiLab Introduces New HTML5-based Technology
Key to IntuiFace Version 5.0 is a brand new HTML5-based player architecture underpinning its support for the iPad, Android tablets and the Samsung SMART Signage Platform

The highlight of IntuiFace Version 5.0 is a brand new HTML5-based player architecture enabling creative teams to run IntuiFace-based interactive content on the iPad, Android tablets and the Samsung SMART Signage Platform without requiring coding or HTML5 markup skills. This combination of multi-touch support with high performance is unprecedented in the industry - but it doesn't stop there. Because of our HTML5 focus, IntuiFace can be extended to any Web-centric environment. For example, we are already in beta for Chrome OS support and have other platforms in the pipeline like LG's webOS.

Running on the iPad, in particular, is not new for IntuiFace. (It's been on the iPad since December 2013.) In that time, we have learned quite a bit about both the nuances of such a platform and HTML5 as well. In particular, though HTML5 is clearly the cutting edge technology of choice for rich, platform-independent content, achieving enterprise-class performance is an additional challenge requiring dedicated research and development.

Capabilities of IntuiFace HTML5-based architecture

After literally thousands of hours invested in our HTML5-based architecture, we were able to add the following unique capabilities:

  • Dynamic frame rate that targets 60 FPS (frames-per-second) and automatically adjusts when device capacity is exceeded in order to smooth rendering and eliminate UI freeze under all running conditions.
  • Prioritization of touch events over content loading, reducing response time to user interactions.
  • Patented gesture recognition engine that rapidly processes and interprets dozens of simultaneous multi-touch gestures, important for multi-user environments.

Traditional webpages - even those using HTML5 - cannot come close to what is achievable with IntuiFace. And Flash, which was historically the go-to technology for interactivity on the Web, is losing platform vendor support and marketplace traction. IntuiFace's use of HTML5 means users of any skill set can profit from its advantages without ever having a clue about how it works.

The above news - and more - has been captured in this press release.

Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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