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IntuiFace Version 5.2: The Analytics Release

IntuiFace Deep Analytics
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

The highlight of IntuiFace Version 5.2 is enterprise-class data tracking capability, key to analytics and achieving deep insight about your target audience.

IntuiFace Data Tracking

Define, collect and send data from your interactive IntuiFace experiences to any platform for analytics, marketing or data warehousing. Without Coding!

  • Log Everything: Capture virtually any event imaginable. Start with all interactive events - items selected, videos played. But also capture identification information off an RFID/NFC reader or QR code and location info like time, city, weather.
  • Export Everywhere: IntuiFace collects data points from even the largest deployment and forwards it for you, automatically, to everything from an Mixpanel and Segment projects to Excel spreadsheets or your own cloud-hosted database.
  • Automatic Event Capture: Contextual information is recording automatically. Time of experience start/stop. Time of scene entry/exit. Name of device. Name of experience. And much more.
  • Session Management: Differentiate users of your interactive content using any set of actions you specify. Could also be used to segment interactions based on other custom-defined parameters like time.
  • Unlimited data point parameters: For each logged event you can record both static and dynamically accessed information to give that event further content, improving analytic insight.
  • Record while online or offline: Will your deployments be offline? Will Internet connectivity be inconsistent? When offline, IntuiFace stores data points locally, monitoring Internet connectivity and uploading data once connection is reestablished.
  • Use on all IntuiFace supported platforms: Collect data across the largest line-up of devices in the industry. Build once in Composer, run it everywhere. Then parse your data by platform for an interesting perspective on your users.
  • Fast and light data transfer: Data is transferred at a 98% compression rate, significantly reducing data plan use over 3G/4G connections.

This is enterprise-class capability coupled with the most powerful interactive content creation platform on the market. Without even writing a line of code you can create engaging, memorable content that feeds any anaytics engine of your choice. Use that insight to perform real-time content updates in the field and to make more informed business decisions.

 IntuiFace‚Äôs data tracking capability has even made it to The press.

Other Enhancements

Greedy! But ok, you want more. We've got more.

  • Easy ShareEach experience has a URL. Give this URL to your colleagues/clients and have them load it in a browser on any Windows PC, iPad, Android or Chrome OS device. The loaded webpage guides the user through a simple Player and experience download process. No need to create an IntuiFace account or enter a license key. This frictionless process also achieves a milestone for IntuiFace: the first time we've ever had a free version of Player for Windows. You heard it here first!
  • Access to RFID/NFC tagsIntuiFace has supported the ability to work with RFID/NFC tag readers for years. There was one limitation though - IntuiFace couldn't tell you the tag. It could read the tag and compare it with predefined values but it couldn't make the tag ID available for use. Well it is now. An example of how this would be useful. Grab the tag ID from an RFID reader, compare that ID to a database of IDs, copy the email address of that person and log that email address as a parameter for all data points IntuiFace collects during that person's session. See how awesome data tracking can be?
  • Extended font accessAs some of you many know, there are actually many variants in a font family. For example, I count 18 variants for Segoe UI. Now you have access to all of those variants.
  • Improved Composer performanceWe focus on performance in every release. In Version 5.2 you'll notice a speed-up in Composer's Edit Mode. In particular, the time it takes to move from one scene to another using the Scenes dropdown panel is significantly faster.
  • Webcam asset on AndroidWe introduced the Webcam asset on Windows back in IntuiFace Version 4.7. Well now you have access to the webcam on any Android-based tablet or custom device as well. Use the Webcam asset to take snapshots of a live feed, annotate those snapshots and then share them for offline use.
  • And much more...There always is!

You can find the complete release notes here.

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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