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Series: IntuiFace and the User Experience Trends of 2017

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Chloe Canella

This is the summary article for our blog series "IntuiFace and the User Experience Trends of 2017". In it you will find links to each trend report.

When we talk digital, we talk user experience

In 2016 we witnessed the return of timeless yet world-changing user experience trends such as
flat design and minimalism. Well we're now in the midst of 2017.The king is dead, long live the king. Time to reboot
our creative energy! The world of user experience design evolves at the speed
of human imagination so, to keep up, we must track the latest
trends, experiment with new ideas, and continuously improve in order to remain

As an aid your self-education, we are pleased to introduce our series "IntuiFace and the User Experience Trends of 2017". In it we highlight the top design trends and show you how to achieve them in IntuiFace.

Trend #1: Microinteractions
Trend #2: Custom Grids
Trend #3: Split Layouts        
Trend #4: Scrolling Animations
Trend #5: Gradients & Duo Tones
Trend #6: Bold colors and typography
Trend #7: Retro / Brutalism
Trend #8: Designing for touch alternatives
Trend #9: Semi-flat design

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Chloe Canella
Chloe Canella

As the Head of Digital Marketing at Intuiface, Chloe Canella is committed to helping you reach your goals with Intuiface.

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