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Interactive Signage for Google Chrome OS Devices

Interactive Signage for Google Chrome OS Devices
IntuiLab and Signagelive, global suppliers of cloud-based digital signage technology, have just announced a partnership whose first goal is to expand the reach and functionality of Google Chromeboxes for digital signage use.

Our joint solution will enable digital signage technology users to quickly generate and publish interactive content for a range of Chrome OS-based digital signage applications. Retailers and their respective content agencies, for example, can easily create touch-enabled content for displays located strategically around a store to encourage impulse purchasing. Furthermore, this content could be linked to Signagelive’s Proof of Play and proactive monitoring tools that are ultimately connected to EPOS systems, thus further enhancing overall sales activities and measuring ROI.

Some background

Chrome OS (hat tip Wikipedia) is an operating system designed by Google to work with web applications and installed applications. Initially, Chrome OS was almost a pure Web thin client operating system, with only a handful of "native" applications, but Google gradually began encouraging developers to create "packaged applications", some of which can work offline.

The Chromebox is a small form-factor PC running Google's Chrome OS operating system. To run an application on the Chromebox, that application must be launched from within the Web client.

Signagelive produces a digital signage platform natively supporting Chrome OS deployment, called Signagelive for Chrome. IntuiLab, meanwhile, produces an HTML5-based runtime for multi-touch content, already in production via IntuiFace Player for iPad, Player for Android and Player for Samsung SSP. A combination of the two companies' technologies has resulted in interactive signage for Chrome OS.

Put simply, Signagelive's digital signage infrastructure on Chrome OS hosts IntuiFace Player, enabling the execution of IntuiFace-based interactive content.

The result is a low cost, high value interactive signage option for retail, hospitality and any other market looking to do something different with their signage content. Not only are the results more engaging, memorable and distinctive but businesses will gain deeper insights about audience preference via usage metrics, a unique advantage of interactive content. People touch what interests them.

Note that this joint solution will run on any Chrome OS-based device, including Chromebooks. From a cost and deployment standpoint - considering, for example, variable-sized touch displays - Chromeboxes offer the most flexibility for businesses pursuing large deployments.

Market availability of this joint solution is expected in the coming weeks.

Read our press release

Some good coverage and commentary from Dave Haynes over at Sixteen:Nine 

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