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Interactive Digital Signage for Your Business

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Using conventional static signage may be cost-effective for your business, but it could cost you a lot in the long run—especially if it becomes ineffective in engaging your customers and sending your promotional message across to them.

Upgrading to
video signage may be an option, but why not take it up a notch by making it an interactive digital signage? By using interactive digital signage, you can create displays that can easily grab the attention of your target audience and keep your customers interested.

Interactive Digital Touchscreen for business
Bliwe Interactive Touchscreen

How interactive digital signage changed the game

Customers are typically exposed to many different ads every day, so it makes sense to invest in promotional materials that can help set your message apart from those conventional displays. Interactive digital signage can help your business achieve that, since it lets you provide eye-catching and attention-grabbing displays that are tailored to your target audience. Interactive digital signs are animated, dynamic, and enable customers to interact with them through touchscreen gestures or using their smartphones and RFID/NFC tag readers.

Creating interactive digital signage for your business

The creation of interactive digital signage used to be outsourced to specialists, but you can now find software that can let you make your interactive multi-touch digital experiences without writing a line of code.

You can further reduce your overhead, and together with high-end displays, these can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Instead of hiring a digital signage specialist or graphic designer, you can use the software to make your own content. Start from scratch with a blank canvas or use samples and templates as your base, then change anything as you proceed. The software comes with a modern platform that enables the ‘what you see is what you get’ experience, so you know exactly what your interactive digital signage will look like on the screen where it will be deployed.

With the right software, it will be quicker and easier to create interactive digital signage for your business. You have the option to store your digital experiences in a cloud to easily load it into any screen, no matter where you are. That way, you can save time and you can easily refresh your content or update your customers in real-time.

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