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How Interactive Touch Screens Can Enhance In-Store Shopping Experiences?

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The Intuiface Team

Wondering how to boost sales in retail? The hottest new retail marketing idea to increase sales is installing touch screens at your store. This type of program is not only a visual attraction that turns heads and makes people notice you; it also invites them to participate directly in an experience that both describes and answers their questions about your service or product.

How to Enhance Customers’ Shopping Experience With Digital Screens

The implementation of these colorful display screens, used to inform, incent and challenge a shopper, can not only increase footfall and boost your sales but also help you to educate your customer about what your company has to offer. This type of multi-media marketing can greatly enhance your shopper’s experience by:

·    Offering a fun learning experience about your product or service that also helps them remember what you are all about long after they have left the store.

·    Providing engaging live or prerecorded demonstrations about how to use the product

·    Offering answers to commonly asked questions via a program or live help representative by just touching the screen.

·    Enabling customers to look at stock or inventory that you may not necessarily have on view on the floor but that they can order directly or later online (aka “endless aisle”)

·    Offering customized views of the products and a selection of possibilities, as would be the case with someone choosing a paint color for a wall.

·    Providing remote consultation and quotes from experts using video, which is particularly useful for products or services that are customized or that require a bit of advice before using.

Remember that the customer who becomes engaged with your interactive screen is already a targeted prospect and more likely to contact you in the future to buy your product or service, even if they don’t actually purchase it on the spot.

Creative Ideas to Build a Retail Sales Strategy With Digital Screens

Interactive multimedia presentations can be used as part of a creative sales strategy in many ways including:

·    Providing customers with a challenge or quiz that offers them a reward or a prize for completing it correctly.

·    Running in-store-only promotions that both encourage visits to your brick-and-mortar stores as well as incent consideration of same day purchases.

·    Giving your customers a chance to know you through a short documentary-style video or quiz.

·    Giving them an opportunity to see the product or service used in a context that they would not normally consider, thus increasing their willingness to buy it.

·    Acting as a customer prospecting point at which you can collect their email to add them to a mailing list and then convert them to a buyer later.

IntuiFace and Retail

Did you know that at one point in IntuiLab’s history, we focused entirely on retail? It’s true and that experience greatly influenced IntuiFace development. For example, our ability to integrate with third party APIs - everything from back office ERP applications to Web Services - was born out of a need to build such integrations for our retail clients.

For a look at IntuiFace-based work found in retail locations around the world, check out these video examples.

To see a general overview of how IntuiFace can be used in your retail environment, click here.

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