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How Digital Signage Helps Retailers Promote Their Products

How Digital Signage Helps Retailers Promote Their Products
More customers these days have become tech-savvy due to the availability and popularity of smartphones and tablets. Hence, they want access to information, products, deals, and opinions or reviews as soon as they demand it, whether they are shopping offline or online.

For this reason, digital signage is one of the best technologies that have graced retailers with a better option to promote their products and enhance the shopping experience of their customers. Through digital signage, retailers can deliver multi-channel, intuitive and multi-touch experiences that their customers can interact with using touchscreen gestures, smart phones, and external input devices. The following are some of ways that digital signage can help retailers promote their products effectively:

Create interactive displays 

Digital signage can serve as a retailer’s virtual aisle of products or a virtual catalog that can provide customers with easier access to what they have offer. Retailers can use interactive displays to delivery social recommendations, product information, and news on the products that are currently in demand. When customers can interact with the display, they are more likely to pay attention and be interested in it, creating an opportunity for a retailer to effectively share or deliver a promotional message.

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Create highly targeted content 

Content can be tailored to a specific target audience that is likely to visit on a particular time of the day. Likewise, content can be modified to attributes like geographical location, season, and customer demographics.

TUI Group Interactive touch table - by First Impression Audiovisueel

Increase sales and promote brand awareness

Digital signage can work together with a retailer’s existing merchandising and marketing strategies to enhance the customers’ shopping experience, boost sales, and encourage brand loyalty. It may help influence what customers buy, while making sure that they have the relevant information on the product.

Directly reach out to customers 

Interactive digital signage can enhance the way retailers reach out to their audiences in a cost-effective manner. Some digital signage platforms come with analytics that can help retailers collect and measure data, which may be useful in further enhancing the shopping experience of more customers in the future.

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