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Getting to know IntuiFace Version 4.6

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin
Chief Evangelist

It’s not clear to me if a feature packed release is psychologically encouraging or intimidating to users. I hope it’s the former because IntuiFace 4.6 is a heck of a lot more than tweaks around the edges. To keep it simple we’ve identified three themes to group all that is new. More Design Power: This is where we’ve given you more capability for creating cutting edge experiences. Even savvy developers have to tip their hat when they see what you can put together.

  1. Drag-and-drop support: Both drag and drag-and-drop are now recognized as triggers and triggers, as we know, can launch actions. Now every time your users drag an item over or away from a predefined section of the scene, or begins a drag move, you can have your experience react. It’s a classic feature for point-of-sale kiosks but let your imagination run wild.
  2. Additional visual effects: In Version 4.5 we added visual effects like blur and grayscale. In this version we’ve added hue rotation and brightness, meaning you can dynamically change the color scheme of items in your experience.
  3. Value operation interface assets: Interface assets are easy to underestimate. They are the “back door” enabling non-native capability to become native. We’re already shipping out-of-the-box interface assets for everything from social media (Twitter, RSS) to interaction devices (Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion) to chronography (clock, countdown timer). Now we’ve added value operators including global variables and a random number generator.
  4. Font embedding: All fonts used with the Simple Text asset are now stored in the project, eliminating the need for you to preinstall fonts on other PCs running Composer or Player. Deployment of your experience automatically deploys the font as well.
  5. Usability improvements: We ran a second round of usability testing using Version 4.5 and identified a long list of Composer tweaks we believed would make life easier for experience designers. The result is 30+ improvements, some subtle - use of white as a background color for new spaces instead of gray - and some not so subtle - e.g. the use of thumbnails in the Spaces panel and Content Library. You’re going to love the improvements.

Team Collaboration: We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to better accommodate the needs of large teams and - for design agencies - a large number of clients. The result is a long list of new capabilities as you’ll see here. NOTE: All of these features are available only to those with at least one Composer Enterprise license. 

  1. Share with Write privileges: An experience owner can now grant write privileges to his/her collaborators. Changes published by collaborators overwrite the original, eliminating the endless reproduction of designs across desktops.
  2. Share with Play-only privileges: Don’t want clients or colleagues with Composer to see Edit Mode? Share as Play-only and your recipients will be limited to Composer’s Play Mode.
  3. Account-to-account license transfer: Loan subscription and perpetual licenses with other accounts. Now your collaborators or clients don’t need to buy their own IntuiFace licenses, they can just use yours. You can even permanently transfer perpetual licenses if your goal is to “resell”.
  4. Create secondary accounts: These are accounts you can control. They use your cloud storage accounts but can only see the experiences you want them to see. You can log into their license dashboard and Management Console. And you can deploy to all Players associated with your secondary accounts. It’s fine grained control for project-level work.
  5. Create your own design accelerators: Select everything from a single asset with you custom configuration to an entire space and convert it into a design accelerator. It’ll be listed in your Design Accelerator panel across all projects. We also show you how to share it with colleagues.

Player for iPad Updates: Our general rule is that every new feature we deliver must be supported in both Player for Windows and Player for iPad. So the good news is that everything above is - where relevant - application to Player for iPad as well. The good news is that we are also closing the gap on features previously missing from the iPad Player.

  1. Map collection: Use either Bing Maps or Open Street Maps. Add interactive points of interest to reveal additional information. It’s everything you’ve done with maps on Windows.
  2. Additional display options: These are the seemingly little things you don’t know you missed until you get it. Use the Book theme for Document assets. Use the Slide Show collection to create eye catching attract loops or other experience decoration.
  3. Expanded list of iPad-ready interface assets: We’ve been updating out-of-the-box interface assets to make sure they’re iPad compatible. Check out this page for the complete list of iPad-supported interfaces. Of particular note - Philips Hue support!
  4. Performance optimization: Trust me, it’s trickier on the iPad to streamline performance so it’s something we’re always looking at. You can expect even better response time, especially when large documents are involved.
  5. QuickStart Templates: Available as a design accelerator, these templates are built for the Retina Display and highlight a variety of layouts. Those new to IntuiFace will find particular value as these templates can help you to build something visually appealing in no time at all.

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Chief Evangelist at Intuiface, which means I think about the intersection of digital interactivity with signage and presentations. Pearls of wisdom? Well...

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