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French e-Commerce leader uses IntuiFace to explore brick-and-mortar

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

I have an IntuiFace success story to share and it nicely captures a growing theme amongst retailers - the convergence of the Web, mobile devices and brick-and-mortar stores.

Rue de Commerce - a subsidiary of Altarea Cogedim - is a leading e-Commerce specialist in France. Through their online presence they cater to more than 7 million monthly visitors by offering 3+ million products for sale across a variety of categories. This extensive reach encouraged the investigation of innovative means for making their endless aisle available outside the home.

The result, named Boutique Express, is an IntuiFace-based experience that has just been deployed on 12 interactive kiosks located in a Toulouse, France shopping mall and in six Relay stores situated within major Parisian train stations. Strategically placed in high traffic locations, these kiosks will be used to run holiday and location-specific sales and offers. Visitors can browse connected interactive catalogs, make purchases with a credit card and specify delivery locations. Following a successful pilot phase would be deployment to a larger percentage of Relay‚Äôs 1000+ locations, plus additional locations in shopping malls, railway stations and other high traffic areas.

In collaboration with Keyrus - an SAP Hybris system integrator - and Apocope - a digital agency - IntuiLab used IntuiFace to create and deploy Boutique Express just three months after initial conception. Iterations are rapid and live mock-ups are easily shared with Rue de Commerce to ensure their requirements are met. The result is much more time spent on ideation and design rather than on implementation, making more elaborate designs and workflows possible. The implementation phase no longer acts as a bottleneck.

Additionally, with IntuiFace, Rue de Commerce was freed of template constraints. The Boutique Express user interface was fully customized down to the last pixel, using only the content, layout and story the client wanted to tell. It is a fully bespoke experience, avoiding a pre-packaged aura that might encourage passers-by to ignore what is in fact an excellent value add for brick-and-mortar shopping.

Folks typically lack a context when first coming across IntuiFace because the world of interactive experience creation is quite new. As a result, their inclination is to think of IntuiFace as an advanced presentation tool, something in the same family as slideware apps. As we are proud to point out - thanks to projects like our work with Rue de Commerce - IntuiFace is much much more than that. With it you can create advanced user experiences that (as we say on our website) are deeply interactive, expressive and connected.

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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