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Design Tip #7 for Creating Multi-Touch Experiences - Have A Clear Call To Action

Design Tip #7  for Creating Multi-Touch Experiences - Have A Clear Call To Action
Our seventh installment of the series "10 Things You Need To Know When Creating Multi-Touch Experiences"

After years of enabling our customers to build interactive content, we've identified what we formally call "10 Things You Need To Know When Creating Multi-Touch Experiences". Informally, each tip represents an area of focus whose insight can make the difference between a successful and a failed deployment.

Design Tip #7 - Have A Clear Call To Action

Don’t spend all your time and money on an interactive installation unless you can justify the effort. What do you hope to achieve? What will you do to make sure it happens? How are you tracking your level of success? Yes, even an interactive art exhibit must be clear about what it expects of a visitor. Don't get us wrong. The goal isn't necessarily getting a purchase or email address. Maybe it's to educate, or promote or inspire. Just be very clear about it to yourself and embrace it in your digital content.

Be clear about you want your audience to do

Don't get fancy and make it a mystery - well, unless that's the point. What is expected of your audience should be obvious. Be creative, sure, but hold their hand and point them in the right direction. If you're not clear then at best your users will wander aimlessly. At worst, they'll walk away.

Don’t clutter

Try not to overdo it. This isn't about you and how cool you can be with technology. Stay focused, avoiding unnecessary options or off-topic diversions. Limit choices to those that move your users in the right direction. Every second they linger should be both productive and in the service of your goal.

Provide incentives

Of course, your objective is meaningless if there's nothing in it for your audience.Why should they bother? Is the content your provide a reward in and of itself? If not, what can you offer to encourage use and compliance with your end goal? Be sure you can answer the question, "What's in it for them?"

Measure to improve

We already talked about "measuring to mature" here. Use data tracking to identify whether folks are embracing your content the way you'd hoped. If not, what are they actually doing? Use this insight to improve your design/content/installation. Avoid the assumption trap, assuming that everything is working well. It's more than trust but verify. It's don't trust AND verify!

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Sebastien Meunier
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