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Design Tip #5 for Creating Multi-Touch Experiences - Measure to Mature

Design Tip #5  for Creating Multi-Touch Experiences - Measure to Mature
Our fifth installment of the series "10 Things You Need To Know When Creating Multi-Touch Experiences"

After years of enabling our customers to build interactive content, we've identified what we formally call "10 Things You Need To Know When Creating Multi-Touch Experiences". Informally, each tip represents an area of focus whose insight can make the difference between a successful and a failed deployment.

Design Tip #5 - Measure to Mature

The beauty of an interactive experience is you can determine exactly what your audience is interested in. They touch what they like. There is none of the guesswork that comes with passive, signage-like installations. Use this insight to your advantage.

Identify actionable metrics

Don't just measure for the sake of measuring. Identify those things whose measurements can lead to action. Testing out new content? Then measure how often calls to action are selected. If people aren't doing what you want them to do, revisit your design. Running promotions? Then track which are the most popular items or incentives and use this insight for future campaigns. Installing digital exhibits? Find out which screens or topics are most popular. What does this tell you about your visitor demographics and which topics might be suitable for future exhibitions. In general, the goal is to either improve the effectiveness of your installation, to improve your understanding of the targeted audience, or both. (And use our data tracking feature to do it.)

If applicable, supplement with additional detail like location, time or weather

Don’t pass up the opportunity to collect environmental data; you’d be amazed at the unexpected correlations you discover. Imagine you're hosting ads, charging vendors on a per-touch basis. (Yes, you could do that with IntuiFace!) Measure vendor popularity based on seasonal changes, times of day, correlation with local events, etc.. Improve targeting so both you and your clients get the most for their money. And be creative. If the information is accessible on your devices, you can use that information to identify interesting patterns.

Assess stats on a frequent basis

Ideally, you don't just check in at long intervals, you look for micro-trends or early insight into more macro patterns. This way you can react and adapt on the fly. With the right setup you'll be able to tune your installation on a daily basis, either to course correct or to test adjustments. For example, run A/B tests where you randomly assign one of two options to each visitor. Which is more effective? Check frequently just in case one option is clearly better than another.

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