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Introducing Design for Accessibility

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Transform your interactive digital experiences into a new kind of great: great for everybody, regardless of ability.

An accessible interactive experience is an experience that works for people. All people. It’s that simple. Accessibility isn’t a boring list of standards, it’s a (not so) revolutionary philosophy of inclusion. You’ve probably heard, “The digital world belongs to everybody.” It’s up to all of us to make that happen.

This is why here, at IntuiLab, we have focused on enabling our users to design for accessibility. Starting with IntuiFace Version 5.4 you'll find new features that exist to help you create inclusive experiences. These new features were
developed based on a collaboration with

To design for accessibility is to adapt products for use by individuals with disabilities. This includes anyone along the spectrum of visual, hearing or physical impairment. 

For touch-first content, possible solutions include:

  • Delivering guidance and information via text-to-speech
  • Enabling content navigation through use of a keyboard or simple onscreen gestures
  • Switching in and out of an 'accessibility mode' based on presence of special RFID tags
  • Incorporating braille displays
  • Responding to oral commands.

Accessible-friendly Design: How do we achieve this?

Accessible-friendly design depends upon three important ingredients:

  • Technology (e.g. text to speech, keyboard navigation, swipe control)
  • Content (e.g. add audio and captions)
  • Design (e.g. increase color contrast, text size, layout) 

For years, IntuiFace has given you full control over content display and application design. We've now improved it with a focus on the technology. 

Accessibility Features in IntuiFace Version 5.4


Voice synthesis of text using any "voice" available on the device. Enables on-the-fly conversion of even dynamic text into speech for the visually impaired. Designers can configure both the voice and the speed, using any language available on the target device, ensuring proper clarity and intonation.

Text-to-Speech in Intuiface Version 5.4

Keyboard Events

Use a keyboard to replicate touch events such as navigation and selection. Configure any IntuiFace action to be triggered when a predefined key or key combination is detected. Combined text-to-speech and a Braille keyboard, touch experiences become accessible for the visually impaired.

keyboard events in Intuiface version 5.4

Gestures on Assets

Facilitate the use of your experience by enabling on-screen gestures for each and every item in your experience. For example, imagine use of an on-screen trackpad for navigation. Or triggering text-to-speech without requiring perfect touch precision.

Asset collection Gestures

"By designing with the disabled in mind, we can create products that are better for everyone else."

August de los Reyes, Microsoft - Source

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Intuiface's Chief Marketing Officer, which means it's my job to get you interested in Intuiface. Once you try it, I know you'll love it.

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