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Bringing Multi-Touch Digital Signage to Google Chrome Devices

Multi-Touch Digital Signage to Google Chrome Devices
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Available today: IntuiFace Player on Chrome OS devices.

IntuiLab's strategic commitment to HTML5 is another example of the 80/20 rule in action. 80% of the technology necessary to bring multi-touch digital signage content to [you-name-it] platform on the market is universal. Now don't get me wrong, that remaining 20% is HARD. It requires deep, niche technical know-how and a love for innovation, something IntuiLab is uniquely capable of bringing to the table. Nevertheless, broadly, thanks to HTML5 virtually every platform is within reach.


Our latest proof? 

Intuiface Player available as a Chrome App

Available as a Chrome App, IntuiFace Player will run your IntuiFace-based multi-touch content on any Chromebox, Chromebook and Chromebase. Configured to run in a Chrome device's kiosk mode, Player is also compatible with Google's Chrome Device Management service, meaning you can remotely install IntuiFace Player, monitor Chrome device health and secure them for kiosk (that is, single kiosk app) use.

Cool for us, but there are lots of Chrome Apps, right? Here's why this is news for the market at large:

  1. IntuiFace is the first and only no coding option for creating multi-touch content targeting Chrome devices. All other no coding options for Chrome are really HTML5-lite development environments limited to single touch support and template restrictions.
  2. IntuiFace supports fine grained event tracking, a major determinant of ROI for signage deployments. The beauty of interactive content vs. static content is you know exactly what your audience is interested in. They touch it! With IntuiFace you can capture just about any event imaginable. And this isn't just about user actions. It includes everything from location specific data - like physical location, weather and time of day - to demographics and user-specific information for marketing automation and business analytics.
  3. IntuiFace permits offline use. Need your digital signage to run offline on a Chrome device? The list of options get very short. And this includes event tracking, meaning IntuiFace will store all records until you're ready to retrieve them.
  4. IntuiFace does things you'd think would be universal but in fact can be hard to find.Onscreen keyboard? Yes. Ability to work in both portrait and landscape orientation? Yes. Integration with external data sources and business logic? Out of the box. Talk to content providers for Chrome OS and you'll find that these capabilities are either not available or very expensive add-ons.

The beauty for our customers is that the Chrome OS Player works just like Player on our other supported platforms: Windows, iPad, Android and the Samsung SSP. Installation instructions - including how to integrate Player with Chrome Device Management. Once running, you can forget it's Chrome OS. Run any experience you've built with IntuiFace Composer, automate deployment of any experience using IntuiFace Management Console.

We've written about all of this in a press release.

Are we tired? Nope. There are big announcements ahead: even more platforms for Player, major updates to our event tracking capability and a significantly easier method for sharing IntuiFace-based work with colleagues and clients.

But don't get greedy! For now, join us as we bask in the glory of adding low cost, high performance Chrome OS hardware to our list of supported devices. You can try it for free so don't hesitate. Tell us what you think?

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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