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Announcing: 7 Trends for Interactive Experience Design

Announcing: 7 Trends for Interactive Experience Design
Technology tends to precede technique. The skills for creating something can develop long before the skills to create that something well. When Mosaic, the first successful Web browser, gained popularity in the early 90's, good website design practices weren't even a twinkle in the content creators' eyes.

Enjoy this time machine.

The same rule of 'good technology before good design' can be said about the world of multi-touch experiences. From pure coding to drag-and-drop software like IntuiFace, the ability to create interactive experiences has been available for some time now. The ability to create good design is still in its infancy but good design is good business. Yes, multi-touch experiences are a new medium, and yes, you can take your website and throw it up on a touch screen, but all you're doing is conceding the limits of your creativity to gesture-less single touch.

7 Interactive Experience Design Trends

IntuiLab - founded in 2002, shipping IntuiFace since 2011 - is in a unique position. With our focus on interactivity, we've spent years developing an aesthetic sense for the unique demands of good interactive design. The result – our DNA - is encoded in the capabilities of our software and insight that we share through the guidance we provide our users.

Which brings me to our latest output, the IntuiFace-based experience we've named "7 Interactive Experience Design Trends". Check it out:

Led by IntuiLab's Lead Graphic and User Experience Designer, Aurelie Hermet-Chavanne, IntuiLab produced this multi-touch, multi-media showcase to highlight the most important concepts a designer must embrace to ensure the creation of modern, engaging, fresh and memorable interactive experiences.

  • Flat, Typographic and Vintage Visual Styles
  • Parallax and  Scrolling Animation Navigational Styles
  • Connection via Social Media and Internet of Things

Through the use of explanatory videos, interactive presentations, animated graphics and high definition illustration, this showcase introduces each trend, provides guidance for adoption and includes reusable content that can be customized and inserted in any IntuiFace experience.

This Trends experience is free for all IntuiFace users - both free and paid - as a Sample experience that can be downloaded, modified and distributed without restriction. For more about how to download it, see this page. To view an animated portfolio of the work in this experience, check out its Behance page.

It's an amazing multi-media experience we think you will love. It is aspirational, using amazing design to teach amazing design. And in no small part, the super powers of IntuiFace itself (triggers and actions, binding, animation) are on display. 

We hope you find this work to be a source of inspiration and insight, giving flight to your creativity and style to your concepts. Here’s to ending the dark ages of interactive design!

Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Chief Evangelist at Intuiface, which means I think about the intersection of digital interactivity with signage and presentations. Pearls of wisdom? Well...

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