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Accessing the Outside World with IntuiFace

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

The world of interactive experience creation is so new that the only context many folks have is that of presentation creation. The result is interpretation of IntuiFace as an evolution of PowerPoint, Prezi, PowToon and other slideware alternatives. This is fine to some extent since yes, you can create super cool presentations with IntuiFace. However, it also constrains ambition, blinding users from IntuiFace’s real potential.

This is especially true about graphic content and data. Traditional slideware tools are optimized to tell a predefined story. The script and content is organized possibly weeks in advance (though tweaked until the last minute!) and then presented in a rehearsed fashion. Sometimes the presentation is posted publicly, enabling an audience to step through predefined paths that are - again - established far in advance. There is nothing dynamic about the story which this is why PowerPoint alternatives focus on trying to make storytelling dynamic instead.

As shared here in other blog entries, IntuiFace can tell a dynamic story. One of our secrets? An “interface asset” concept enabling the integration of cloud-based data and server-based business logic with the user interface. With it you can connect to any Web API, any .NET dll, any database, even spreadsheets. With this access:

  • Don’t just create a sales pitch, launch an interactive catalog.
  • Don’t just run a digital sign, create an interactive information kiosk.
  • Don’t just post your website on an in-store display, add an interactive point of sale installation with mag strip reader and printer integration.
  • Don’t just walk through slides at a conference, manipulate lights and other accessible devices (thanks, Internet of Things!) as you present.
  • Don’t just show static datasheets on your iPad, let your prospect walk through an interactive sales tool.

Don’t quote me but in a sense, IntuiFace isn’t just interactive presentation creation without coding, it’s interactive application creation without coding. And the beauty is that nothing is predefined in IntuiFace. Want to run a search function? Build your own instead of worrying about how well something we built does the job. It’s total freedom to do what you wish. Plus, inside Composer, you never know that behind the scenes is some complicated database or API. You just see and can manipulate the same kind of propertiestriggers and actions you find for out-of-the-box assets like images and videos.

The ability to work with external data and business logic is one of the key reasons to purchase the Enterprise Edition of Composer. In our experience, once folks really grasp the potential of IntuiFace - the ability to break free from static content and embrace dynamic content - the list of potential IntuiFace uses explodes. Now you have uses for it in the lobby, at the tradeshow, in the store, at the gallery opening and much more without ever worrying about using out-of-date information and content.

If IntuiFace is on your PC, you can create a lot more than just bullet points.

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Intuiface's Chief Marketing Officer, which means it's my job to get you interested in Intuiface. Once you try it, I know you'll love it.

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