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Insider's Guide: "10 Things You Need To Know When Creating Multi-Touch Experiences"

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Sebastien Meunier
Customer Success Manager

This is the summary article of our blog series "10 Things You Need To Know When Creating Multi-Touch Experiences" . In this article you'll find the links to each individual design tip.

Every success has its own secret, including creating multi-touch experiences. 

After years of enabling our customers to build interactive content, we’ve identified 10 concepts key to the success of touch-first deployments. How many have you considered? Take each of these 10 insider tips to heart as they are the difference between successful and failure.

Design Tip #1: Know Your Audience
Design Tip #2 - Keep it Simple
Design Tip #3 - Attract Attention
Design Tip #4- Respect Privacy    
Design Tip #5-Measure to Mature 
Design Tip #6- Don’t overlook hardware
Design Tip #7- Have a clear call to action
Design Tip #8- Design for Usability
Design Tip #9- Test, test, test  
Design Tip #10- Prepare to share     

Want to get all 10 design tips for creating multi-touch experiences? Download our ebook now!

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Sebastien Meunier
Sebastien Meunier

Intuiface's Customer Success Manager. Here to make you succeed with Intuiface.

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