Just a reminder that to create experiences with Intuiface Composer,
you need a PC running Windows 10, or 11.
(It's a different story for playback. You have lots of target platforms to choose from, including Windows, Android, BrightSign, iOS, Chrome OS, Samsung Tizen, and Raspberry Pi - plus a web deployment option!)
If you have a Mac, it is still possible for you to use Intuiface, but you will need to use a virtual machine solution or install Apple Boot Camp in order to run Windows on your Mac.
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See our System Requirements page for a look at Intuiface's minimum hardware specs

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Intuiface is ISO 27001 certified.
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Once you have downloaded Intuiface Composer...

1. Run the Composer installer
By the way, you don't have to separately install Player, the Intuiface runtime. By embedding Player, Composer enables you to both create and test your work.
2. Launch Composer and login
Composer will ask you to login after it is launched. Use the Email Address and Password you specified when creating your Intuiface account.
3. Build your first experience
It's time to create something cool! Would you like some guidance? Visit Intuiface Academy and check out free courses like "Composer 101" and "Build Your First Experience".
If you need help installing Intuiface Composer, read our Help Center article