Object Recognition/ Tangible Objects

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Recognize, differentiate, and react to physical objects placed on a touchscreen. One of many touch alternatives supported by Intuiface.

Promultis are a manufacturer and installer of collaborative multitouch hardware and software. Offerings include touchscreens in a wide variety of configurations as well as object recognition technology.

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eyefactive is the leading developer & supplier of interactive multitouch systems: touch screens, Tables & walls, multi-user software & object recognition technology.

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Interactive Scape

Manufacturer of multi-touch displays and developer of high-end tangible object recognition technology.

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DISPLAX is a world leader of Ultra Large projected capacitive multitouch technology and possess expertise with TUIO, enabling support for tangible object recognition in addition to traditional multi-touch support. They develop and manufacture a complete offer both for Signage and Collaboration, achieving different performances, sizes and allowing customization, always according to your needs and project requirements.

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TUIO is an open framework that defines a common protocol and API for tangible multitouch surfaces. It can be used to identify and differentiate touch, tags (like dot patterns), and geometric shapes. For Windows PCs, Intuiface supports TUIO in addition to Windows HID, the Windows USB plug-and-play protocol for capturing touch events. All Windows plug-and-play displays work with Intuiface, but are limited to touch events. Only with TUIO can tangible objects be introduced.

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