Kiosk Providers

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Frank Mayer Displays

Frank Mayer is a leader in the development of interactive kiosks, in-store merchandising displays, and store fixtures for businesses nationwide. They help retailers and brands utilize the latest technologies and display solutions to create engaging customer experiences.

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LG Displays

LG has entered the kiosk market with a 27", portrait-oriented, Windows IOT Enterprise-based all-in-one with a drawer-type design for access to all peripherals, such as printer and card reader.

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Olea Kiosks

More than 40 years after producing our first kiosk, we remain a family-owned and operated company. And we continue to push the limits of kiosk design, using our curiosity and intuition to find new self-service solutions that create a lasting impact for our customers.

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Samsung Kiosk simplifies in-store interactions for businesses and customers alike. This all-in-one payment and ordering system boosts customer experience with a high degree of flexibility, creating personalized yet simplified interactions. With the varying order options available, Samsung Kiosk provides a perfect solution for every business.

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