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Skyline Innovates with Interactive Showrooms for Real Estate

"Interactive Rooms" immerse prospective real estate buyers in high def digital content

Leonardo Andrade
Leonardo Andrade
Innovation and Production

Darkened showrooms are equipped with projector-ready screens on one or more walls. An interactive table, placed in the middle of the room, enables content selection and personalization across the screens. Media includes drone-recorded and 360-degree video content.


Skyline is an Anápolis, Brazil-based creative agency and integrator specialized in real estate promotion. Founded in 2018, their original market expertise was in the use of 3D and drone-based photography to create compelling 360-degree digital tours and flyover videos. The resulting content would be displayed online or onsite at new developments.

In May of 2020, Skyline was asked if they could create convert a showroom containing static content into something more immersive. Skyline had toyed with the idea of using in-person interactivity to facilitate content browsing; adapting it to the client’s existing showroom, which featured a star-painted night sky for the ceiling, was immediately compelling.

The objective: to create an “Interactive Room”.

Original Project

The client’s showroom was equipped with projector-ready screens on each of the three walls separate from the entrance. An interactive table was then placed in the middle of the room. Visitors could enter the room, close the door, and use the interactive table to drive onscreen content with a deeply immersive feel.

Content available to visitors for display on the wall-mounted screens were divided into categories like “About the Company”, “Location”, “Image Gallery”, “Floorplans”, “Features”, and a form for requesting additional information.

Auto-play videos ran on each screen - with audio. Table-based interaction would pause the auto-play and replace media on the center display with selected content. The room was darkened, giving it a nighttime feel (enhanced by the star-covered ceiling) and increasing the pull of onscreen visuals.

The entire deployment was created using Intuiface, comprised of a single experience driven by a PC embedded in the table. Projectors were used to display content on the three wall-mounted screens; the table-mounted display supported touch interaction.


Skyline now has seven "Interactive Rooms" running for seven independent clients. Each interactive room is located on client property, typically located in large buildings found in a city center - although the latest client is using the Interactive Room to sell lake-adjacent land currently under development.

Skyline is delivering the entire project, from hardware and software to installation and maintenance. Samsung or LG touch displays are preferred for the interactive touch table; high definition Optoma projectors are used to showcase content on the three wall-mounted screens.

Looking to the Future

The Brazilian market has expressed great interest in these interactive rooms, so many more are currently planned by Skyline. The ability to provide 360 degree and drone-based content has proven a perfect complement to the immersive showroom.

Existing deployments use offline, local storage to contain all of the media. Although convenient, this setup makes it difficult for clients to update the content themselves. Skyline is in the process of updating existing deployments, so they use Intuiface Headless CMS, permitting the remote, cloud-based ability to modify media without requiring access to the in-room PC.

Skyline is also investigating the use of Intuiface Analytics to track the most popular (and least popular) selections, as well as to identify dwell time and usage trends correlated with various influences like time of day and weather.

Clients measure Interactive Showroom success using traffic and follow-up sales statistics. So far, the results have been resoundingly positive, boding well for showroom expansion and interest.

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Skyline Innovates with Interactive Showrooms for Real Estate
Skyline was founded in 2015 with the purpose of delivering real sales tools through solutions that use video and high technology in images. With a lot of work, whimsy, agility and efficiency, we stand out quickly, winning large customers in 12 different states, from North to South of Brazil.

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