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Quintessence Creates Interactive Property Showrooms using Intuiface

Quintessence Creates Interactive Property Showrooms using Intuiface

Rob Bosher
Rob Bosher
CEO of Quintessence

Speed of development and unsurpassed support makes Intuiface a go-to for our team. We’re able to exceed the expectations of our clients and their users with Intuiface-built interactions. Each updated version of the Intuiface platform brings about so many new features. We started our property showroom solution by exploring capabilities available within it.

A man using an Interactive Wall


Quintessence - an Intuiface Creative Expert - aimed to revolutionize the real estate sales pitch. Their team of interactive designers were tasked with the following mission: create unique showroom experiences enabling property sellers, developers and leasing teams to deliver visual tours of building and floor plans in a very intuitive way.  

Rob Bosher, CEO of Quintessence, said, “Visualization is a key component to real estate development and sales. Property developers stand to gain from bringing investors together over interactive building models. At the leasing or sales stage, property agents can optimize their operations and offer their clients more options on the spot with a tremendous experience.”

The end product would permit showroom guests to see different floor plans side-by-side for easy comparison. Property developers would also have the ability to display property interiors on a touchscreen digital display.

This stood to streamline sales operations by providing visuals of units and properties before construction has started  or before they have been vacated. In addition, for existing properties, it would reduce onsite cleaning requirements and the need for sales agents to travel from one physical model to the next. Giving property buyers or leasees the ability to compare many different floor plans would empower them to choose a “best fit” more easily.


Virtual tour content can become quite elaborate, especially when property developers are looking to showcase many different floor plans and finish options. This was further complicated by the never-ending occurrence of ongoing renovations. The Quintessence Ltd. team knew they would need an easy way to upload animations - on a frequent basis and from remote locations - and organize them in a way that was easy to navigate via touch.

Bosher said, “An initial goal was to decrease the overall costs that property developers incur to implement interactive showrooms. Our goal of showcasing multiple properties and new floor plans on a single interactive display would require seamless updating of content.”

Left hand using a Multi-touch Table

In addition to touch experiences, Rob and his team wanted to explore the use of object recognition in the showroom. With object recognition, users could place a physical marker on a table-mounted display to represent each floor plan of interest while browsing. This marker should have an associated onscreen menu and should trigger actions if rotated or moved.


Bosher and his team had used Intuiface in the past and appreciated its no-coding requirements. He said, “Speed of development and unsurpassed support makes Intuiface a go-to for our team. We’re able to exceed the expectations of our clients and their users with Intuiface-built interactions. Each updated version of the Intuiface platform brings about so many new features. We started our property showroom solution by exploring capabilities available within it.”

Intuiface made it easy to organize virtual tour content. One of its powerful features are the visual representation of externally sourced data, including from Excel spreadsheets. By creating an Excel worksheet with titles, links to photo thumbnails and links to 3D models, the design team was able to put together a fully customized “data template” to easily represent each row in the data table.

Fortunately for the team and their property developer clients, Intuiface also made it easy to remotely deploy new and updated content without having to be onsite. This ability applied to both iPads and Windows-driven tables and wall-mounted displays.

“Having the ability to deploy new interactive floor plan tours and property overviews from a remote location allows our clients to maximize the value of their display hardware and decrease overall costs. With this feature, we’re able to decrease the cost to maintain the experiences by as much as 50%. This is a huge opportunity for our property development clients.”

Bosher and the Quintessence team were also able to implement the object-based interaction they had hoped for, enabling users to view many different properties on a single display for comparison.


Quintessence Ltd. has worked with some of the UK’s leading property development companies to implement innovative, interactive property showroom experiences.

  • Notting Hill Housing

Quintessence produced an interactive solution for tablet presentations as well as a custom made 46” wall-mounted, multi-touch display that is linked to a lit interactive model.

Interactive Presentation was built to showcase residential properties

Quintessence also created a placemaking map on a multi-touch table to illustrate the animated travel and connectivity networks near each of the properties.

Tablet showcasing some residential properties

  • Weston Homes

To showcase this property developer’s Greenwich Peninsula apartments, Quintessence developed a cost-effective presentation which linked a tablet-based apartment finder  . experience that provided floor plan demos with an illuminated building mode.

Video Wall

  • Mount Anvil

An interactive presentation was built to showcase residential properties in The Filaments, a luxury landmark development in Wandsworth Town. The multi-touch display used 3D visuals and was linked to an interactive model on the showroom floor.

Model of residential properties

  • Fabrica Cirt Wharf

An interactive wall-mounted multi-touch display was created to showcase luxury apartments. A tablet device enables users search through the apartment finder content. Larger views of the locations and amenities are shown on wall-mounted displays.

A user who's searching on a Tablet device through the apartment finder content
View on every Interactive Multi-touch devices used in the showroom

With Intuiface’s interaction analytics feature, Quintessence was able to provide real estate partners with invaluable feedback based on customers’ exploratory interactions. They can determine which properties are most viewed, how long the average user explores before closing a property, which amenities and property features are most often explored, which apartment features are searched for most often, etc.

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Quintessence Creates Interactive Property Showrooms using Intuiface
Working for some large International brands, with an expertise in property showcase presentations, Quintessence offers bespoke interactive experiences and a range of off-the-shelf Interface applications for the office sector transforming the way in which we create, communicate and collaborate. In addition Quintessence is part of a larger group that manufactures bespoke multi-touch displays, and bespoke manufacture of furniture including the launch of a new range of collaboration pods from May 2016. Quintessence has been trading since 2009, and offers the complete solution.

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