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Quintessence Creates Interactive Real Estate Showcase for Prospective Buyers

Quintessence Creates Interactive Property Sales Solution for Exclusive Media City Development

Rob Bosher
Rob Bosher

Property developers have much to gain by giving buyers tailored options and a tremendous visual experience. Speed of development and unsurpassed support made Intuiface our go-to for this project.

Quintessence - an Intuiface Creative Expert - is revolutionizing the real estate sales pitch. Delivering over 125 projects across 15 countries - of which more than 75% involve Intuiface - Quintessence creates touchscreen experiences that align sales and marketing objectives and improve sales speed and success.

Property developers have embraced the benefits that interactive experiences bring, and Quintessence has been creating immersive, human-centric and personalized buyer experiences for property marketing suites for over 13 years.

High Definition in Media City, a Manchester, UK development of Latimer Housing Group, is a great example of what’s possible for property developers.


High Definition is a luxury, two-building apartment community in a prime location, giving media professionals the opportunity to shorten their commute. Latimer envisioned a highly engaging interactive solution to entice these tech-savvy potential buyers.

The team’s main goal was to create an impactful, interactive experience that enabled potential home buyers to not only visualize the development and community, but to imagine themselves living there.

The interactive needed to enable sales agents to take customers along a guided sales path that met their individual needs, with easily personalized content for the ultimate tailor-made experience.


The Intuiface-based Pro Interactive Site Plan was quickly determined to be the best option for delivering the project.

Controlled through a four-screen video wall, the interactive presentation provides an experience that sticks with home buyers long after they leave the marketing suite. Created from scratch with Intuiface, this interactive software gives users the option to view multiple apartment plots for comparison, visualize the entire development, and highlight chosen plots within three-dimensional architectural models. Whether they’re exploring beautiful CGI imagery or navigating the local community map, the multifaceted experience gave buyers everything they needed to choose their ideal home.

Rob Bosher, CEO of Quintessence, said, “Visualization is a key component to real estate development and sales. Property developers have much to gain by giving buyers tailored options, paired with a tremendous experience. Speed of development and unsurpassed support made Intuiface our go-to for this project.”

With Intuiface’s analytics feature, Quintessence was also able to provide Latimer with invaluable feedback about customers’ exploratory actions.


 The interactive experience at High Definition enabled sales reps to easily guide home buyers to the purchasing decision that was right for them. As of September 2022, almost fifty of the available apartments had been sold from direct visits to the marketing suite, with those buyers purchasing their new homes within 48-hours of their visit. The interactive was used to help these buyers choose their best fit.

This success in the UK led Latimer to commission a duplicate interactive run at two sales events in Asia, where sales were equally as impressive.

Neil Armstrong, Head of Residential Marketing at Latimer, said, “The Quintessence Team have gone above and beyond our expectations yet again. Latimer wanted to make a high-definition statement at Media City, calling upon the best broadcasting techniques. We have certainly done that with the Quintessence installation. As always, the touchscreen team has been solution-focused, collaborative in approach, and most importantly fun to work with. Thank you, team.” 

Due to the success of the Pro Interactive Site Plan across multiple projects like this one, Quintessence has just been announced as a finalist in the Best Platform/Technology/Tool category at the UK Digital Excellence Awards, which will be awarded 19-Jan-2023.
Quintessence Creates Interactive Real Estate Showcase for Prospective Buyers
Working for large international brands and with expertise in property showcase presentations, Quintessence offers bespoke interactive experiences and a range of off-the-shelf interactive applications for the office sector, transforming how we create, communicate and collaborate. In addition, Quintessence is part of a larger group that manufactures bespoke multi-touch displays and bespoke furniture, including the launch of a new range of collaboration pods in May 2016. Quintessence has been trading since 2009 and offers complete turnkey solutions.

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