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Kega reduces project delivery by half, using Intuiface to build an interactive social wall

Reinout de Kort
Reinout de Kort
Project Manager at Kega

"Intuiface offers a new, hybrid way of building applications. It revealed a new breed of specialists: The Creative Developer"


IntuiFace Composer

Kega worked alongside the famous lingerie manufacturer and retailer, Hunkemöller. The objective was to build an interactive environment, engaging in-store shoppers with the goal of creating brand affinity and an emotional connection.

Kega introduced the idea of an "Interactive Social Wall', a wall that would display Social Media content - specifically, Instagram - to visitors. Impress consumers with the lingerie's latest trends by leveraging and introducing to shoppers, a passionate group of influencers.

In addition, visitors can have their moment of fame as they are able to take a selfie via the wall and see it on the big screen.

The idea was to move the Hunkemöller brand forward by immersing the audience and giving them an experience that they never had before. The quality of the brand experience is a direct reflection of the quality of the brand itself.


Interactive Screen

"This project was new, innovative and complex, and if we had gone through the traditional way, it would have at least taken twice the time to build it," says Reinout de Kort, Project Manager at Kega.

Large projects like this one, need exponentially more control to address all the nuances and dependencies. This means finding the right experts, iterating through builds rapidly, and running a sufficient amount of testing to ensure flawless performance.  Usually, this would require a team of developers working alongside designers, each dependent on and waiting for the other.


Interactive Touchscreen

Back in 2016, Kega discovered Intuiface at the ISE in Amsterdam.  

"We were amazed by how Intuiface could enable us to build an interactive and engaging experience in a short amount of time without - most importantly - requiring huge expertise in coding"  affirms Rene Spaanderman,  Strategy Manager.

"Intuiface offers a new, hybrid way of building applications. Instead of having a team of developers and designers, it revealed a new breed of specialists: The Creative Developer" says Reinout de Kort.

Traditionally, designers and developers each have their own unique, disparate skill sets. With Intuiface, a designer can use his/her existing skills to “program” modern, interactive experiences that realize their creative vision, enabling a developer to focus entirely on making the right back-office content available for display.

To pitch the project to Hunkemöller, Kega organizing screen-sharing sessions using Intuiface-based mock-ups, working closely with Britta Hall (the Global Retail Experience Manager at Hunkemöller) and the social content team.  

A small team of 5 Kega members was involved in the project: Account Manager, Digital Project Manager, Designer/IntuiFace Specialist, Strategy Manager and a developer to handle 3rd Party integration.  


Social Media Wall

Kega managed to deliver the project within a mere 6 weeks (From January 3rd to February 14th), half the time of a typically sized project.  The flagship Hunkemöller store in Amsterdam, as well as HKMX in Berlin, were the first stores to deploy the experience. They both piloted the full application including both selfies and the Instagram feeds.

A few weeks later, 8 other Hunkemöller stores around Europe were equipped with the Instagram feeds. The 2 main stores display an 85" Interactive Social Wall right by the entrance and Hunkemöller has recognized this roll-out with heavy promotion for the new store in Amsterdam.

With this venture, Kega achieved their objective:

  • Developing a Phygital (physical + digital ) marketing approach within budget and tight deadlines.
  • Dividing the time and the team by 2 with a proportional impact on the cost.

Gone are the days when simply the search for a “deal” forgave the need for sharper, more intuitive interfaces. The consumer experience gets richer, more sensory and better connected. Everybody wins.

Digital Marketing agency based in Netherlands. With a real passion for retail and over 70 specialists, Kega provides innovation and inspirational content. From developers to Digital Designers and from Strategist to Account Managers - Kega takes retailers and brands further with innovation.

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