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5Visual - Sea Haven

5Visual completely revolutionizes Sea Haven’s Sales Center spaces with Intuiface powered interactive displays

Jacob Nikkel
Jacob Nikkel
Visual Director

Intuiface enabled 5Visual to expand its service offerings to include interactive touch experiences, adding tremendous value for their business growth...the renovation increased both customer traffic and sales, with predictions by the end customer to expect additional sales performance progress in the near future.


Sea Haven is a new planned community with carefully crafted neighborhoods that will be nested in the residential city of Marina, California, just a few miles north of the beautiful Monterey Bay peninsula. Sea Haven includes an extensive trail system, a natural Oak GrovePreserve, various parks and open spaces, and countless floor plan and design options for new home buyers to choose from.

The housing provider of Sea Haven wanted to introduce two, 75” wall-mounted touchscreen displays at their new sales centers to serve a few different purposes. First, to showcase in an engaging and interactive way both the various features of the Sea Haven community and all of the offered floor plans available for construction. Second, to provide a dynamic tool to help sale’s agents educate potential homebuyers about the community and bring more potential homebuyers to the closing table. Lastly, to improve the overall customer experience when entering Sales Center spaces, with the touch screens presenting a new way to explore all the community has to offer.

To realize these goals, Sea Haven enlisted the services of 5Visual, an Arizona-based full service creative studio with a focus on the fields of 3D visualization, animation, VR technology, and brand design.



5Visual was given four months to complete the project, and their first task was to identify the best approach to fulfilling project expectations as they had never delivered an interactive project before. One consideration was to hire an outside firm or individual to complete all coding-related tasks, while 5Visual would provide the assets/content and overall design direction. However, such a fragmented approach was not ideal both in terms of the cost and work efficiency.

Bringing the work in-house using software enabling the delivery of capability otherwise dependent on hand-coding had its own risks, highlighted by two issues: image quality and off-site communication.

First, the 5Visual team had previously created various high-quality renderings and 3D animations of the community for the new project. The chosen software would have to handle all these file formats and enable the well-designed images and videos to be viewed without quality compromise when running on big displays.

Second, with the team’s office located in Scottsdale, Arizona and the Sea Haven community in Northern California, 5Visual was worried about issues that could derive from the distance gap while creating a brand new customer engagement application. They needed to be able to beat this challenge and execute thorough on-site tests and updates.



Intuiface in action

Finally, after having spent almost two full months of browsing through different approaches to execute the project - leaving a mere two months ‘til the delivery deadline - 5Visual came across Intuiface and discovered it was the clear-cut choice for carrying out their mission. Four reasons stood out.

First, user-friendliness. Since the Sea Haven project was 5Visual’s first-ever project incorporating interactive touchscreen experiences, being able to quickly learn and adapt to the creation tool was key. Intuiface’s user-friendliness played a huge role in addressing the challenge, minimizing the ramp-up time, enable the project team to meet the launch deadline.

Second, the team learned that several companies similar to themselves trusted Intuiface for delivering highly Interactive experiences, a vote of confidence that was appreciated throughout the decision making process.

Third,5Visual needed to ensure the software of choice had unrivaled support andHow-To documentation. The Intuiface Technical Support team was always quick to respond and equipped with useful guidance, whenever they ran into any problems during production thanks to which all concerns regarding the steep learning curve jeopardizing their ability to deliver expected outcomes quickly subsided.

Fourth, Intuiface also handled extremely well all of the high-quality renderings and 3D animations produced about the community, making it possible to deploy all multimedia content exactly as intended..



5Visual’s work with Intuiface completely revolutionized Sea Haven’s Sales Center spaces through the use of interactive touch screen installations enabling potential homebuyers to immerse themselves in all community amenities before construction was completed. Since its launch in August 2019, the renovation increased both customer traffic and sales, with predictions by Sea Haven to expect additional sales performance progress in the near future.

As digital artists at heart, the 5Visual team loved the no-coding aspect and creative possibilities Intuiface offered. This strength of Intuiface enable them to focus their time, energy and resources on design and content creation resulting in an extraordinary experience not seen in a traditional home buying experience.

Intuiface’s ability to eliminate coding-related tasks normally involved in projects of this nature lowered the delivery cost by 40~50% compared to custom-coding options.

Owing to Intuiface’s cloud-based service infrastructure and quick update and redeploy features, the team was also able to eliminate concerns about their distance from the project site and deliver flawless execution throughout the lifecycle.

With certain aspects of the community still under construction, the remote deploy feature also enabled 5Visual to easily update the experience to reflect new and changed community elements in the digital content.

After merely 2.5 months with Intuiface and absolutely no developer skills, 5Visual delivered a complete solution, seamlessly deployed updates, and monitored performance without having to physically visit the community more than necessary to understand the space.

“We have no doubt that Intuiface will help your business progress and achieve results that were once unattainable.”

Altogether, Intuiface enabled 5Visual to expand their service offerings to include interactive touch experiences, adding tremendous value for their business growth. The combination of Intuiface software and support with 5Visual’s creativity proved extremely successful. 5Visual looks forward to their next project with Intuiface.


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5Visual - Sea Haven
5visual is a full-service creative agency with a focus in the fields of 3D visualization, animation, VR technology and brand design. We create immersive visuals that bring the un-built to life. With founding experience in the fields of architecture, brand design and real estate development, 5visual carries a unique perspective that allows for our team to understand our client's needs at multiple levels. Whether the end goal is generating project funding, winning a competition, or securing the highest level of project exposure, we create tailored concepts and imagery that give your project the winning edge.

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