Mobile-Driven Data Entry

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Multiple examples showing how an audience can use personal mobile devices to submit data to a running Intuiface experience.

To illustrate the use of mobile-driven data entry, three scenarios are presented:

  • Multiple Choice Poll
    Example: Collecting answers for multiple choice questions then displaying vote counts
  • Free Form Text Entry
    Example: Collecting and displaying questions submitted by an audience
  • Multiple Field Form
    Gathering task information into an interactive card that can be moved around the screen.

The first and second scenario take advantage of Intuiface's web triggers feature. Viewers of the running experience are presented with a QR code sending them to a webpage. This webpage, built outside of Intuiface, displays either answer options or a form. Submissions of entered selections / text are sent to the running experience using web triggers. The experience captures data sent from each mobile device and presents them to the audience.

The third scenario takes advantage of Intuiface's native support for Web APIs. Viewers of the running experience are presented with a QR code sending them to a webpage. This webpage is automatically constructed by Airtable, linked to an Airtable base used to store task information. Data entered into the form is submitted to and stored by Airtable. The Intuiface experience reads from the Airtable base and presents new tasks as they appear.

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Pandemic-linked lockdowns have greatly increased the use of screen-sharing technology for communication with a remote audience, and have spurred the use of touch-alternatives for digital content in physical spaces. In both cases, an opportunity exists to increase engagement by enabling audiences to submit information, answer questions, or otherwise directly participate in real-time without directly touching the presented content. This experience contains multiple examples showing how an audience member's personal mobile device can be used to submit data to a running Intuiface experience, regardless of where that audience member is located.

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