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IntuiLab Raises $3.7M In Series A Funding

Management additions, expansion of marketing and sales initiatives target accelerated growth for IntuiFace

IntuiLab Raises $3.7M In Series A Funding
Our objective is to become the world leader in the segment of interactive digital signage.

IntuiLab, the company behind IntuiFace, the software platform for creating touch-first digital signage without writing code, has announced the closing of $3.7M in Series A funding from IRDI SORIDEC Gestion, M Capital Partners (historical investor) and two business angels with the support of Bpifrance.

With the assistance of this Series A funding orchestrated by the investment bank Avolta Partners, IntuiLab's objective is to become the world leader in the segment of interactive digital signage. The company will expand its inbound marketing efforts and Web presence, the primary driver for IntuiFace sales to-date, and will grow its business relationships with major customers (such as Microsoft, SAP, Colliers, Capgemini) and its partner agencies and integrators (such as FirstImpression, Zivelo, Popcomms, Accenture), particularly in the United States which already accounts for 50% of its business.

The IntuiFace platform, available through a subscription model, enables digital creation professionals (agencies, integrators, corporate marketing, cultural institutions) to build, connect, deploy and measure tactile digital experiences on all types of screens, from tablets to kiosks to video walls, without any programming.

Vincent Encontre, Managing Director of IntuiLab, emphasizes the current alignment between the needs of companies, the massive availability of new screens and the potential of IntuiFace: "IntuiLab is targeting the need of organizations large and small to extend the personalized experiences initiated on the Web and mobile – such as in retail - by providing, in physical locations, deeply interactive content with high creative potential. This trend is supported and amplified by the availability of touch screens of all sizes, produced in large quantities and at low prices. Thanks to its programming-free approach, IntuiFace is the only solution on the market that compensates for the scarcity of the expertise needed to develop such personalized and interactive content, freeing organizations in the execution of their place-based digitalization strategies.”

With several years of experience in the development of tools for creative professionals, confirmed by several patents and the international adoption – by technology leaders - of its solution in more than 85 countries, IntuiLab is strengthened by the arrival of Jacques Soumeillan, founder of Cameleon Software, acquired by PROS Inc. in 2014. As Executive President of the company, Soumeillan will be focusing on sales and growing its network of partners. In addition, IntuiLab's US subsidiary will relocate to Chicago and will be led by Kurt Haller, a veteran software sales executive.

Jean-Michel Petit, Director of Investments at IRDI SORIDEC Gestion, says: "IntuiLab has demonstrated the suitability of its IntuiFace product to the needs of a growing global market. We are pleased to support the company alongside their historical investors to contribute to its next phase of growth led by a strengthened team. IntuiLab really has the potential to become the world leader in interactive digital signage! "

Julien Charles-Lavauzelle, Director of Investments at M Capital Partners, confirms: "We are proud to have supported IntuiLab from the early days of IntuiFace, unsurprised by the market validation of its formidable value proposition. And we are equally pleased to strengthen our support for the company in a new phase of growth and welcome prestigious investors and new members to its management team."

About IRDI SORIDEC Gestion
Based in Toulouse, Montpellier and Bordeaux, the IRDI management company SORIDEC Gestion provides capital support to companies based in the south west part of France at all stages of their development (Seeding, Venture Capital, Capital Development / Transmission) for a cumulative 300 million euros.

About M Capital Partners
M Capital Partners is an independent French private equity firm specializing in the financing of SMEs in development and transmission phases, located in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Nice and Lyon. M Capital Partners manages more than 395 million euros and invests in 5 key sectors: Health & Well-being, Digital & Media, Brand & Retail, Smart Industries and Real Estate. M Capital Partners has been named the "preferred management company of French wealth management advisors" in the 2016 Fortune Management Awards, and the leading French investor by Private Equity magazine in 2017.

About AVOLTA Partners
Based in Paris, London, Brussels, Madrid and Lisbon, created in 2012, Avolta Partners provides independent M&A and corporate finance advice to leading European high-growth and innovative companies. Avolta Partners advises high potential companies at all their stages of development: from Series A to Exits. Avolta Partners has already closed more than 50 high level transactions in the High-Tech industry.

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About Intuiface
Intuiface is the market's only no-code platform dedicated to the creation, deployment, and analysis of interactive digital experiences that connect people to place. Over1,200 companies across 70+ countries are engaging audiences in-venue, on the web, and on personal mobile devices using interactive options such as touch, gestures, sensors, voice, computer vision, the Internet of Things, and much more. It is an ISO 27001 Certified platform that can be used by any industry –including retail, hospitality, real estate, tourism, and education – and for any intent – from digital signs to self-service kiosks and assisted selling.
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European Union Funding
A part of our R&D has been funded by a grant from the European Union and from France’s Occitanie region,home of Intuiface’s HQs.