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Intuiface Unveils BrightSign Support

No-code interactive content delivery is now available for the global market leader in digital signage media players

Intuiface Unveils BrightSign Support
Intuiface offers a unique value proposition that is well-positioned to address an underserved need among our install base – interactive content delivery
Chicago, IL, February 06, 2020

Intuiface –the only no-code platform dedicated to the creation, deployment, and analysis of interactive digital experiences for physical spaces – is excited to announce the addition of BrightSign to its list of supported platforms. This integration enables users of the market’s most popular digital signage media player to easily transition from scheduled, playlist-based, non-interactive signage to personalized,immersive, customer- and data-driven content, critical for on-premises engagement between a brand and their target audience.

Intuiface pioneered the no-code approach to interactive content delivery. Agencies,integrators, and enterprises can choose from multiple interactive approaches –touch, voice, sensor, camera, web triggers, and more – to create experiences reactive to user input and other real-time events. Template-free, drag-and-drop authoring with virtually unlimited media support enables the realization of any design idea, everything from classic signage and sales pitches to information kiosks, retail point-of-sale terminals, and curated exhibits. Additional capabilities permit no-code integration with third-party API-driven datasources, business logic, and IoT devices such as Nexmosphere sensors and actuators, ensuring experiences contain relevant, up-to-the-minute content incontext.

With this announcement, Intuiface now supports experience distribution and analytics on BrightSign digital signage media players. Fully interactive experiences can be deployed to any number of BrightSign players, located anywhere in the world,using a simple web-based console. Each installation independently collects specified usage and contextual data – such as item(s) selected, location,weather, other environmental influences – and uploads them to a centralized,cloud-hosted repository. This data can then be crafted into charts and dashboards, using Intuiface Analytics, to identify trends and uncover insight in support of project KPIs.

Intuiface specializes in enabling the digital transformation of the physical space, andBrightSign is the market-leading player for on-premises digital content. We couldn’t think of a better match,” says Vincent Encontre, Intuiface’s COO.“ We’re excited to show BrightSign’s install base how easy it is to create data-rich, personalized, interactive digital experiences without high outsourcing costs or custom development.

Intuiface offers a unique value proposition that is well-positioned to address an underserved need among our install base – interactive content delivery,”says Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “Our customers will be thrilled to discover Intuiface's no-code approach to building complex, interactive and dynamic projects, and its ability to turn interactivity into a rich resource for analytics.”

The Intuiface runtime, Player, is supported on BrightSign Models XT3 and XT4 and easily provisioned using BSN.cloud Control Cloud. Once installed, Player can be monitored remotely through the Intuiface web-based Share & Deploy Console with support for remote software update and experience deployment. In addition,with licensed Intuiface Players, BrightSign devices can be taken offline to accommodate environments with nonexistent or unreliable Internet access.

Intuiface will demonstrate Intuiface for BrightSign in its booth at Integrated Systems Europe 2020, Booth# 8-C353. ISE 2020 takes place from February 11-14 at the Amsterdam RAI.


General availability of Intuiface for BrightSign will follow shortly after ISE.

For more information, contact Intuiface at sales@intuiface.com, or BrightSign at www.brightsign.biz/company/contact-us

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About Intuiface
Intuiface is the market’s only no-code platform dedicated to the creation, deployment,and analysis of interactive digital experiences that connect people to place.Over 1,600 companies across 70+ countries are engaging audiences in-venue, onthe web, and on personal mobile devices using interactive options such astouch, gestures, sensors, voice, computer vision, the Internet of Things, andmuch more. It is an ISO 27001 Certified platform that can be used by anyindustry – including retail, hospitality, real estate, tourism, education – andfor any intent – from digital signs to self-service kiosks and assistedselling.
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European Union Funding
A part of our R&D has been funded by a grant from the European Union and from France’s Occitanie region,home of Intuiface’s HQs.