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Intuiface-Sightcorp Partnership Brings No Code Audience Analytics to Digital Signage

Integration lowers the bar for using AI-powered face analysis to capture audience metrics and create audience-triggered content

Intuiface-Sightcorp Partnership Brings No Code Audience Analytics to Digital Signage
The joint Intuiface / Sightcorp solution makes it easy for their customers to deploy audience-aware digital content that adjusts on-demand, all while collecting effectiveness metrics for that content.
Toulouse, France and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Intuiface and Sightcorp have integrated their respective solutions to create a unified, no code, computer vision-based approach to building, running, and measuring effective digital out-of-home deployments. Systems integrators and any business hosting staff and/or visitors would use Intuiface's digital experience platform to create interactive digital content for physical locations and connect those experiences to a real-time stream of AI-powered face analysis data produced by Sightcorp's DeepSight Toolkit.

Intuiface automatically combines this anonymously-collected information with additional data captured at the edge and immediately makes it available for both triggering the display of in-context content (e.g., based on age and gender) and for visualizing the data using Intuiface's analytics solution to determine content effectiveness(e.g., views, impressions, dwell time). The result is deeply personalized content delivered on-demand for well-understood audiences via an easily adopted, low-cost, and highly versatile alternative to the heavily code-dependent solutions on the market today. New users can produce dynamic content in just minutes while Intuiface veterans can, for the first time, sell measurable ad space at a premium.

Out-of-home digital signage is evolving from impersonal, schedule-driven media to the delivery of highly customized content tailored for the individual at the right time and in the right place. Sensors at the edge – customer-facing devices tasked with detecting information and nearby events, like demographics, speech, movement, and more – are crucial to making on-premise personalization possible. It is thus critical for out-of-home digital signage to integrate with and orchestrate these sensors. The challenge is to enable system integrators and businesses possessing office and/or retail space to flexibly implement such deployments across various environments without high cost or outsourcing.

The joint Intuiface / Sightcorp solution makes it easy for their customers to deploy audience-aware digital content that adjusts on-demand, all while collecting effectiveness metrics for that content. Real-time AI-powered face analysis data, including information like age, gender, views, impressions, and dwell time, are anonymously collected by Sightcorp's DeepSight Toolkit, plug-and-play, GDPR-compliant software compatible with any 2D camera attached to a Windows or Linux-driven edge device. Intuiface experiences – running on any of seven platforms, including Windows, Android, BrightSign, Samsung Tizen, and LG webOS– are connected to DeepSight Toolkit using an out-of-the-box integration requiring only the address of the toolkit-hosting device.

DeepSight Toolkit's real-time data is exposed within Intuiface via a data feed and a set of high-level, customizable triggers. Each combination of targeted metrics – like age, gender, and use of a mask – can be given its own trigger, and each trigger can cause any number of content changes in real-time. Meanwhile, the data feed can be correlated with the display of select media (e.g., image or video-based advertisements) and then combined with other concurrent information collected by Intuiface at the edge like location and weather. The resulting data-rich snapshots can then be visualized using Intuiface Analytics to provide a deep understanding of content appeal. Throughout the entire process, users don't have to write a single line of code.

"Our customers have been eager to create audience-aware experiences that both enrich engagement and shine a light on content effectiveness. The problem was an excess of point solutions operating independently and requiring a lot of customization to work together," says Joyce Caradonna, CEO Sightcorp. "By combining Intuiface, best-of-breed for dynamic content delivery and analytics, with Sightcorp, best-of-breed for AI-powered real-time face analysis," says Vincent Encontre, COO Intuiface, "we have cracked the code and created something that can be adopted by any team interested in audience-aware, data-rich DOOH deployments."

To capture the value of their joint solution, Intuiface and Sightcorp have created the Audience Analytics Bundle, a single-price solution combining their respective runtimes with ready-to-use content. Buyers receive licenses for Sightcorp DeepSight, Intuiface Player, and Intuiface Analytics, and are granted access to Intuiface-based experiences taking advantage of anonymous video analytics. The first available experience is Face Mask Detection, in which visitors are presented with Stop/Go messaging based on the presence of face coverings. Data about the number of visitors, the percentage wearing masks, dwell times, and more are collected and presented in a set of prebuilt charts.

Additional experiences for the Bundle will follow, including DOOH ad measurement and demographic-triggered content. Meanwhile, Intuiface users can incorporate the Bundle's face mask detection experience within their existing projects. For example, companies can use the combination to generate data both for mask compliance and ad metrics in the same experience. Then, as COVID-related regulations evolve, face mask detection can be removed. In addition, with the help of the Bundle, Intuiface customers can simply enhance their own experiences with audience analytics and deploy them to the field.

The Audience Analytics Bundle is available for purchase today, accessible here: www.intuiface.com/audience-analytics. The Intuiface and Sightcorp platforms can also be downloaded and evaluated for free to assess the creation process for experiences targeting unique use cases. For more information, contact Intuiface at info@intuiface.com, or Sightcorp at info@sightcorp.com

Interested parties are invited to join a free webinar on 15-December at 10am New York / 4pm Paris. In this webinar, through live product demos, audiences will learn how to dynamically trigger content and capture audience metrics. Attendance is free. Click here to register for the webinar.

About Sightcorp 
Sightcorp is the anonymous audience intelligence specialist for OOH Media, Digital Signage & In-Store analytics since 2013. We are an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam, and we transform computer vision and deep learning research into commercial and easy-to-use software solutions that give our customers across the globe accurate and actionable insights into their audiences in real-time.

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