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Intuiface Revolutionizes Digital Signage with Player Next Gen

Using the latest web technologies to create the digital signage industry's only truly cross-channel content delivery platform

Intuiface Revolutionizes Digital Signage with Player Next Gen
We believe Player Next Gen will revolutionize the digital signage industry and open up a world of new possibilities for our customers.
Toulouse, France November 15, 2023

Intuiface is proud to announce the general availability of Player Next Gen, a revolutionary web-native runtime for digital signage. Following months of beta evaluation using hundreds of customers, Player Next Gen is now available to the public. With this release, organizations can create and deploy interactive experiences onto any screen - from kiosks and videowalls to tablets, personal mobile devices, and web browsers - using Intuiface's no-code approach to content delivery. The result: businesses can easily reach their customers, stores reach their shoppers, workplaces reach their employees, and exhibitors reach their visitors across multiple channels, going to them wherever they are.

Player Next Gen is unique in the digital signage industry thanks to its ability to support both interactive in-venue deployments -running locally on a device - and interactive web deployments. The in-venue deployments run on Windows, Android, BrightSign, iPad OS, Samsung Tizen, Chrome, and Raspberry Pi. The web deployments can be run either as a website (embeddable in an iFrame) or as a Progressive Web App, meaning they can be run offline and outside a browser. Meanwhile, Intuiface's no-code authoring tool, Composer, ensures a consistent content creation process, whether deploying in-venue or to the web. Zero coding knowledge is required, enabling users to create captivating experiences effortlessly.

The web-native nature of Intuiface experiences running in Player Next Gen makes it possible to embed those experiences in third-party, web-hosted digital signage frameworks. Now, non-interactive digital signage networks can seamlessly include Intuiface-based interactive content. AppSpace, BrightSign, Dise, Korbyt, Navori, REACH Media, Samsung VXT, Signagelive, and Telelogos are among the validated CMS platforms.

Thanks to Intuiface's use of Amazon’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN), web deployments are assured maximum download speeds worldwide, regardless of the requestor's location. And Intuiface’s ISO 27001 certification – renewed in April of this year – ensures that all customer intellectual property will be protected, regardless of the deployment choice.

A dual licensing model accompanies Intuiface's web deployment option. The first model is a new views-based license, best for web deployments to audiences of unknown size and location. The second licensing model utilizes Intuiface's existing Player licensing approach, ideal for deployments that necessitate offline usage on a limited number of specified devices. This alternative approach transforms web-deployed experiences into Progressive Web Apps, enabling them to function independently of web browsers and be conveniently launched using a desktop or home screen icon. A deep dive into the world of Progressive Web Apps and their value to Intuiface users can be found at https://webapps.intuiface.com

"We are thrilled to offer our customers the flexibility and power of Player Next Gen," said Intuiface COO, Vincent Encontre. "We believe this will revolutionize the digital signage industry and open up a world of new possibilities for our customers."

Serving as the successor to the previous generation of Player on all of Intuiface’s supported in-venue platforms but Windows, Player Next Gen will take on the Player name, losing the "Next Gen" tag. It is now available to all trial and active customer accounts. Paid customers across all platform tiers can use the in-venue version of Player Next Gen on all of its supported platforms. For web deployments, paid customers must be at the Platform Enterprise level. To evaluate Intuiface, watch a Player Next Gen demonstration or start a trial by visiting https://my.intuiface.com/register.aspx.

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About Intuiface
Intuiface is the market's only no-code platform dedicated to the creation, deployment, and analysis of interactive digital experiences that connect people to place. Over1,200 companies across 70+ countries are engaging audiences in-venue, on the web, and on personal mobile devices using interactive options such as touch, gestures, sensors, voice, computer vision, the Internet of Things, and much more. It is an ISO 27001 Certified platform that can be used by any industry –including retail, hospitality, real estate, tourism, and education – and for any intent – from digital signs to self-service kiosks and assisted selling.
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European Union Funding
A part of our R&D has been funded by a grant from the European Union and from France’s Occitanie region,home of Intuiface’s HQs.