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Intuiface Launches Virtual Digital Showroom

Web-based Intuiville is a publicly accessible tour through 50+ scenarios highlighted by use of touch, sensors, voice, and other types of interactivity

Intuiface Launches Virtual Digital Showroom
Intuiface created Intuiville to address the general lack of public understanding about what can be achieved with interactivity.

Intuiface – the company behind the market leading tool of choice for creating, deploying, measuring and managing interactive, location-based digital content without writing code – is proud to announce the launch of Intuiville, a virtual digital showroom highlighting the myriad uses of interactivity in any physical space. Visitors to this public website will encounter 50+ usage scenarios spread across nine industries. Created to both educate and inspire, Intuiville will be a living document enhanced over time to become the Web’s most comprehensive guide to digital interactivity at work.

Intuiville is constructed like a small town whose Web-based interactive map highlights nine businesses, each representing a unique industry vertical: Retail, Education, Museums, Trade Shows, Workplace, QSR, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Government. Selection of an industry triggers the appearance of a mock-up populated with people performing a variety of industry-specific activities, each activity representing a unique use of interactivity. Selection of any usage scenario displays a dedicated page containing a business value summary, key Intuiface features enabling the scenario, customer videos of real-world examples, and downloadable Intuiface samples.

Intuiface created Intuiville to address the general lack of public understanding about what can be achieved with interactivity. The technology options for interaction beyond touch – like RFID/NFC, sensors, voice, beacons, and more – are still relatively new and poorly understood by companies interested in pursuing new approaches for digital engagement. With proper execution, these novel approaches to interaction can be used to stunning effect for everything from selling a product to educating a museum-goer.

“Interactivity can be used across industries to educate, inform, inspire, promote, and much more,” says Geoffrey Bessin, Intuiface’s Chief Evangelist. “With Intuiface, companies clear the technology hurdle, giving them access to any interactive approach without writing code. Now, with Intuiville, the same companies can understand what is possible, inspiring them in their efforts to reinvent digital engagement.”

Intuiville is live, located at https://intuiville.intuiface.com. There is also, free for all Intuiface users, an Intuiface-based version of Intuiville that can be run on all supported platforms: Windows, Android, iPad, Chrome, Samsung Tizen SSP, and LG webOS Smart Displays. This experience serves a dual purpose, cataloging the same usage scenarios as the Web-based resource while, at the same time, illustrating how easily unique features of the online Intuiville can be replicated by non-programmers using Intuiface.

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About Intuiface
Intuiface is the market's only no-code platform dedicated to the creation, deployment, and analysis of interactive digital experiences that connect people to place. Over1,200 companies across 70+ countries are engaging audiences in-venue, on the web, and on personal mobile devices using interactive options such as touch, gestures, sensors, voice, computer vision, the Internet of Things, and much more. It is an ISO 27001 Certified platform that can be used by any industry –including retail, hospitality, real estate, tourism, and education – and for any intent – from digital signs to self-service kiosks and assisted selling.
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European Union Funding
A part of our R&D has been funded by a grant from the European Union and from France’s Occitanie region,home of Intuiface’s HQs.