Intuiface + Nexmosphere

Enhance Intuiface experiences through the use of Nexmosphere sensors and controls,
creating dynamic, highly engaging, environmentally-aware digital content

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Nexmosphere is a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of small form factor sensors and controls that connect audiences to their environment.
These sensors and controls are easily integrated with Intuiface experiences on any Windows, BrightSign, or Android device.

The Nexmosphere portfolio of sensors and controls - collectively known as "Elements" - include:
RFID Pick-Up
Wireless pick-up sensor using RFID tags. Tag IDs are communicated when lifted or returned.
People Tracking
Detect and analyze presence, distance and gender of people in front of your digital installation.
LED Lighting
A variety of animated LED lighting products that support animations and glow effects.
Color and Light Detection
Detect and report object color, level of ambient light, and overall lighting levels
Wired Pick-Up
Magnetic pick-up sensors that can also be used as active security devices, even aware of a cut wire.
Both mechanical and capacitive options, with the latter working beneath glass, wood, and more.
Process in-the-air swiping, circling and button gestures to provide a non-touch solution
Temperature Measurement
Detects temperature and humidity levels and can be adhered to heat sensitive objects

Intuiface + Nexmosphere

  Benefits of the Integration

The combination of digital content with physical interaction - such as the lift-and-learn scenario in retail - has a reputation for requiring costly, time-intensive, bespoke solution delivery. With Intuiface and Nexmosphere, delivery time for these projects can be reduced to minutes. Yes, minutes!
Nexmosphere no code
No Code Integration
Intuiface experiences natively support the Nexmosphere X-Script command language, universal to all devices.
easy deployment nexmosphere
Easy Deployment
   Just plug Nexmosphere controllers into any Windows, BrightSign, or Android device and Intuiface can work with it.
nexmosphere at low cost
Low Cost
Only pay for Intuiface licenses and Nexmosphere devices. There are no hidden service fees.

How the Integration Works

Don't trust us, huh? Here's a quick look at how easy it is to make Intuiface experiences and Nexmosphere Elements work together.
nexmosphere intuiface how it works

Connect Nexmosphere Elements to the controller

Connect the Nexmosphere Elements you'll be using to the Nexmosphere controller.
Connect Nexmosphere Elements to the controller

Connect Nexmosphere to the device running your Intuiface experience

Using a USB cable, connect the Nexmosphere controller to the Windows PC, BrightSign player, or Android device running your Intuiface experience.
Connect Nexmosphere to the device running your Intuiface experience

Create an Intuiface experience listening for messages from / sending messages to various Elements

Using Nexmosphere's universal X-Script command language, your experiences can receive information from Elements - like "RFID ID X is lifted" or "Motion is detected" or "Button is pressed" - or send commands to Elements, like "Flash a blue light".
Intuiface triggers and actions

Run your Intuiface experiences

Deliver lift-and-learn installations, button-activated museum exhibitions, touch-free information kiosks with minimal effort.
nexmosphere examples

Download Free Sample Experiences

We've created a couple of experiences that will work out of the box with Nexmosphere sensors.
Explore Nexmosphere Sensors and Actuators
This experience is preconfigured to work with Nexmosphere demo boards, enabling you to explore port configuration as well as the sending/receiving of Nexmosphere X-Script commands.
Try it out 🠲
Entrance Flow Management with Nexmosphere
This experience is configured to work with floor or ceiling mounted Nexmosphere Presence and Proximity sensors placed at entrance and exit doors.
Try it out 🠲


How do I get started?  
Contact Intuiface Sales. We'll identify the right approach for your project and bring Nexmosphere into the discussion.
Any more detail about how the integration works?
Yes! There's an entire article in our Help Center about how to connect Intuiface experiences with Nexmosphere Elements.
Is there an Intuiface / Nexmosphere licensing bundle?
No. Intuiface software and Nexmosphere Elements (and controllers) are purchased separately.
Who do I contact if I have a technical question?
You can start with our Technical Support Team. We have an excellent understanding of Nexmosphere devices.

Want to get started with Intuiface and Nexmosphere?

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