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Interactive 2022 Virtual

The Annual Intuiface User Conference

May 16 and 17, 2022
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The Year's Single Largest (Virtual) Gathering of Intuiface Users

Our annual Intuiface User Conference - Interactive 2022 - returns this May 16 and 17. Expect two days of a packed agenda dedicated to giving you the knowledge you need to excel at creating innovative, expressive, interactive digital content with Intuiface.

We'll go behind the scenes to catch you up on the status of Player Next Gen, sharing multiple demos, a detailed product roadmap, and a release timeline. We'll also deep dive into the Intuiface Headless CMS, available for use by all paid customers regardless of their Platform tier. Other items on the agenda include a year-in-review, a primer for getting the most out of Intuiface's revamped Partner Programs, and everybody's favorite topic: Intuiface tips and tricks.

Our event is free to attend. All you have to do is register. Curious to know what we'll be talking about? Scroll down for the agenda.


Day 1 - May 16, 2022
9h30 AM EST - New York | 3:30 PM CET - Paris
9:30 AM EST
3:30 PM CET
Kick -Off with ISE Highlights and Feedback
We're back! Missed us? How have you been? We'll have just come from ISE 2022 in Barcelona, Intuiface's first public appearance in three years.

By Geoffrey Bessin (CMO/Chief Evangelist)
9:45 AM EST
3:45 PM CET
Year in Review + Partner News
So much has happened, from Intuiface 7 with Player Next Gen and the Headless CMS, to our work with Samsung, Stripe, Nexmosphere, and other partners.

By Geoffrey Bessin (CMO/Chief Evangelist)
10:10 AM EST
4:10 PM CET
Strategy & Roadmap
Join our leadership team for an in-depth look at what drives our investments and priorities. This info won't be recorded so don't miss it!

By Jacques Soumeillan (Executive President) and Vincent Encontre (COO)
10:30 AM EST
4:30 PM CET
Tips & Tricks, Part One
There is no more popular session. These are the techniques, shortcuts, savvy designs, and creative approaches you'll put to use right away.

By Sebastien Meunier (Customer Success Manager)
10:55 AM EST
4:55 PM CET

11:10 AM EST
5:10 PM CET
Headless CMS, Part One
Innovative, powerful, and often critical for project success, the Headless CMS should be in everybody's Intuiface toolbelt. Here we begin our deep dive.

By Sebastien Meunier (Customer Success Manager)
11:35 AM EST
5:35 PM CET
Player Next Gen
Let's get our hands dirty. We'll demo Player Next Gen as a replacement for our existing Player, plus show off its power on the web and mobile devices.

By Vincent Encontre (COO)
12:00 PM EST
6:00 PM CET
Team Q&A
The entire Intuiface team will meet center stage to take your questions. What's on your mind - and how can we help?
12:20 PM EST
6:20 PM CET
What did we learn today and what can you expect tomorrow? We'll put a bow on Day One, preparing you for Day Two.
Day 2 - May 17, 2022
9h30 AM EST - New York | 3:30 PM CET - Paris
9:30 AM EST
3:30 PM CET
Kick-Off: Meet the Team
We'll be broadcasting our event from the Intuiface offices in Toulouse. How about a little tour and introduction to our team?

By Geoffrey Bessin (CMO/Chief Evangelist)
9:40 AM EST
3:40 PM CET
Let Us Help you
Are you familiar with all of the online material we've created to help you be successful with Intuiface? The list is long and we'll help you navigate our offerings.

By Chloé Canella (Digital Marketing)
10:00 AM EST
4:00 PM CET
Data collection and visualization is critical to project success but can be very intimidating for beginners. We'll show you how to be a data superstar.

By Geoffrey Bessin (CMO/Chief Evangelist)
10:25 AM EST
4:25 PM CET
Tips & Tricks, Part Two
That's right! We have so much insight to share that it couldn't be contained in a single session. Take notes and prepare to have your mind blown!

By Sebastien Meunier (Customer Success Manager)
10:50 AM EST
4:50 PM CET

11:05 AM EST
5:05 PM CET
Headless CMS, Part Two
Yesterday we looked at the basics, today we move on to more advanced topics, including an extensive look at how to work with variants.

By Sebastien Meunier (Customer Success Manager)
11:30 AM EST
5:30 PM CET
Understanding Our New Business/Subscription Models
With the launch of Intuiface 7 we also introduced a brand new packaging and licensing model. Learn from our expert to maximize your Intuiface budget.

By Kurt Haller (General Manager, North America)
11:50 AM EST
5:50 PM CET
Intuiface Partner Programs
Intuiface runs two partner programs: a Creative Expert program for agencies, and a VAR program for integrators. We'll tell you all you need to know.

By Regis Lazarowicz (Account Manager, EMEA)
12:00 PM EST
6:00 PM CET
Ask Us Anything
Once again, we gather the team to take your questions. Don't be shy and feel free to jump into topics we may have missed these past two days.
12:20 PM EST
6:20 PM CET
The event may be over but a new year has just begun. We'll be seeing you!

About Speakers

Geoff Bessin

Geoff Bessin

CMO and Chief Evangelist
Geoff, our event's host, is the Intuiface voice you read and hear out in the world.
Chloe Canella

Chloé Canella

Head of Digital Marketing
Chloé is Intuiface's lead digital marketer, touching all of our communication.
Vincent Encontre

Vincent Encontre

Chief Operating Officer
Vincent is the better half of Intuiface's leadership team alongside Jacques.
Kurt Haller

Kurt Haller

General Manager, NA
Kurt heads up Sales and Partnerships for Intuiface North America
Regis Lazarowicz

Regis Lazarowicz

Account Manager, EMEA
Regis is a key member of Intuiface's Europe, Middle East, & Asia Sales / Partnership Team.
Sebastien Meunier

Sebastien Meunier

Customer Success Manager
Seb is our customer-facing product expert and problem solver par excellence.
Jacques Soumeillan

Jacques Soumeillan

Executive President
Jacques is the better half of Intuiface's leadership team alongside Vincent.

Why Attend?

Get the inside scoop
Our roadmap talks are exclusive to the live event. Learn about our plans and how you can gain access, then take joy in keeping it a secret from those who don't attend.
Meet Intuiface leadership
Though entirely online, our event will be coming to you live from Intuiface's France-based headquarters. All speakers will be in-person, together in one place - and mask free!
Learn from the best
We have multiple Q&A sessions planned. Bring questions with you; ask whatever is on your mind. You won't find a more concentrated gathering of Intuiface experts anywhere.

Attendance is free! Register today.

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