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2nd Annual Intuiface User Conference

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Holiday Inn Amsterdam
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February 11, 2020 1pm to 7pm CET
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10' walk from the RAI (ISE 2020 conference center)

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The Single Largest Gathering of Intuiface Users

Come for Insight, Inspiration, and Community
When more than 90% of the attendees for Interactive 2019 tell you they want to come back next year, we couldn't let them down. So we took the highlights, mixed in the feedback, and added a dash of whimsy. The result is Interactive 2020.

Timed to coincide with ISE 2020, the largest A/V show on the planet, Interactive 2020 has something for everyone. Product tips and tricks, industry insights, a look behind the scenes, and much more content exclusive to attendees. Don't miss out!


Packaged with care and designed to thrill
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    Registration & Coffee
  • -
    Welcome Keynote
  • 13:40
    The State of Intuiface
    By Geoffrey Bessin - Chief Evangelist at Intuiface
  • 14:00
    Keynote Speaker
    Digital Experience Platform: The Enterprisation of Digital Signage
    By Florian Rotberg - Managing Director at Invidis Consulting
  • 14:30
    User Case Study
    Creating Retail Multi-Sensory Experiences with Intuiface
    By Nikolai Gruschwitz - CEO at Waketo
  • 15:00
    User Case Study
    How to Connect Intuiface to POS and Payment platforms
    By Bernard Espanola - Founder at Lumenday
  • -
  • 15:45
    User Case Study
    [To be confirmed]
  • 16:15
    Tips & Tricks
    Some of the greatest how-to’s and did-you-know’s from our Intuiface master.
    By Sebastien Meunier - Customer Success Manager at Intuiface
  • -
    Doing Business with Intuiface
    Understanding the unique aspects of interactive content delivery.
    With Members of the Intuiface Community
  • -
    Future Demo
    Previewing the coolest stuff in our pipeline.
    By Members of the Intuiface Team
  • 17:50
    Ask Us Anything
    Really. Anything!
    By Jacques Soumeillan (CEO) and
    Vincent Encontre (COO) at Intuiface
  • 18:35
    By Geoffrey Bessin - Chief Evangelist at Intuiface
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  • -
    Dinner with Intuiface
    Join the Intuiface team for a post-conference dinner. Limited seats! See details and fee below


Here's what makes this event so special
Meet Intuiface leadership
Spend 1:1 time with Intuiface management and product experts in an intimate setting. It's an unparalleled opportunity for asking questions and sharing opinions.
Learn from your peers
Case studies and a round table discussion give some of the most talented Intuiface users a chance to share lessons learned and insights gained via actual projects.
Get the inside scoop
It'll be like eavesdropping on an in-house meeting. Hear company details rarely shared publicly. Plus you'll have a front row seat to our product roadmap discussion.
Network with fellow users
We're bringing together the best of the best in one room. Make connections, establish relationships, and become an integral part of the Intuiface community.

Dinner with Intuiface | Limited Seats!

Join the Intuiface team for a post-conference dinner.

Dreamed of cornering Intuiface management so you can lobby for features, share your perspectives, and selfishly steer our roadmap? Here's your chance! Join us for dinner and deep (possibly drink-fueled) conversation.
It's 90€ Euros per person and is all-inclusive. Limited to 30 seats so don't wait!
Yes, Count Me In!