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Newtronic Solution

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Newtronic Solution is a research, development, production and consulting company in the electronics field. Creativity in work, optimal solutions and quality after-sales service for customers are the main goals.

The Newtronic Solution office is located in the center of Bandung City, precisely at Jalan Ciwulan Number 28, which is 650 meters from one of the Bandung icons, Gedung Sate. Our customers are spread throughout Indonesia, the breadth of our customer network has made us set up sub-branches in several major cities in Indonesia.

Newtronic Solution works on projects based on electronics, software, and some mechanics. Having a solid team and management consisting of RnD, Production,QC, Technicians, IT Support, Marketing, Accounting, Administration, Purchasing and Warehouse are absolute supports to complete these projects.

RnD or Research and Development has an important role in product research and development, both existing products and products to be made. This division is in charge of determining product formulas for each Newtronic Solution project. This team consists of approximately 7 professionals consisting of several programmers, designers, and engineers.

The Newtronic Solutions Production Division is a big part of the Newtronic Solutions chart. The Production Division consists of approximately 20 electronic engineers and software engineers. The Production Division assembles(manufactures) components into finished products.

QC (Quality Control) is a division that maintains the quality of Newtronic Solution products within national quality standards, so that product defects due to production are properly minimized.

The Technician Division has a stake in the field, from installation, repair, to maintenance of Newtronic Solution products. The products in question are Queue Machines, CCTV, Alarms, Digital Signage and LED Display.

The spearhead of Newtronic Solution is Marketing, which is always ready to market products and maintain communication with customers. Marketing Newtronic Solution has its own business strategy that can penetrate the national market.

Newtronic Solution has its own finance (Accounting) and administrative divisions as a complex business entity integrity for business viability.

The last division is the purchasing and warehouse division, where incoming goods, inventory, and outgoing goods are arranged in a neat flow for smooth production.

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