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Interactive 2019 - The First Annual Intuiface User Conference
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February 6, 2019
8:30 to 12:30 CET
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Novotel Amsterdam City
Europaboulevard 10 - 1083 AD
The Netherlands
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Interactive 2019 - The First Annual Intuiface User Conference

Join Intuiface's first ever user conference!
Interactive 2019 - The First Annual Intuiface User Conference

Wow! What a show. A big thank you to all who attended Interactive 2019, and all who participated, for helping us deliver a program that far exceeded our expectations. If we could, we'd give each of you a Bose radio. (Inside joke. Had to be there.)

See below for some pictures from the event.

In a packed room at the Novotel, attendees warmly received a fast-paced but detailed look under the covers at Intuiface and into the minds of some of our best and brightest users. You go to know Jacques, Vincent, and Geoff as they took you into the Intuiface offices and shared a private view of where Intuiface has been and where it's going. Then there were the stars:

Damjan, Frank, Brad: Thanks for letting us go behind the scenes, pick your brain a little bit, and be inspired by your expertise and honesty. You showed everyone what could happen when combining smarts with hard work.

Paolo, Louie, Mauricio, Alex: Thanks for all you do to support the Intuiface community and for the care and attention you bring to your engagements with your own customers and Intuiface users from around the world. You didn't have to do this! You're all mensches.

Bomee, Sebastien - and the unseen Chloe, Doriane, and Patricia: Without your hard work and creativity, Interactive 2019 couldn't have happened. The event looked easy only because you took ownership of the hard parts. In fact, you did such a great job that we should do this 10 times a year! Guys .... Guys? Where'd you go??

See you at Interactive 2020! Details will be shared as soon as they're ready. Meanwhile, tot ziens from Amsterdam!

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