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Audience Analytics Bundle

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What is the Audience Analytics Bundle?

The Audience Analytics Bundle is a complete solution for running and measuring digital experiences that depend upon computer vision-based face detection. With it, companies can determine the effectiveness of their content using metrics like views, impressions, and dwell time, as well as dynamically trigger the display of demographic-specific content using criteria like age and gender.

Included are Sightcorp’s real-time face analysis software, Intuiface’s interactive digital content delivery and analytics software, and fully functional, ready-to-use sample experiences. Simply license the software and run an experience. It’s that easy!
For any industry and environment
Requires no pre-built templates and can accommodate virtually any use case.
Completely anonymous
No personal data or identifying marks are retrieved or stored.
Fully Automated
Requires no assistance from on-site staff.
Works with any camera
Connect any USB camera with no loss of accuracy.
Operates in real-time
Immediately delivers face-derived information - from age and gender to views, impressions, and dwell time.
Collects actionable data
Visualize audience metrics in web-accessible charts to better understand your viewers.
Works with any Intuiface experience
Add face detection to any project using Intuiface Composer and it will run with the Bundle.

How Does It Work?

The first experience shipped with the Bundle is dedicated to face mask detection. Let's use this experience as an example:
All experiences shipped with the bundle - starting with Face Mask Detection and more to come - can be used both in the field and as a means of understanding how to leverage computer vision in any project.

The following outlines how the Face Mask Detection experience works with the Bundle.

What's in the Bundle?

The Audience Analytics Bundle combines the software necessary to run and measure digital experiences relying on face analysis with ready-to-use sample experiences that can be deployed in the field or simply used to better understand the potential for computer vision.
Sightcorp DeepSight Toolkit
AI-based software analyzes the video stream from a 2D camera and flags mask presence for each identified person.
Intuiface Player
Runs an Intuiface-based experience that reads DeepSight’s real-time data feed and displays a Go/Stop message in response.
Intuiface Analytics
Collects visitor information and displays it in a set of configurable charts to track face covering metrics.
Ready-to-Use Experience
Face Mask Detection preconfigured to work out-of-the-box in Player. Displays customizable Stop/Go messaging based on the presence of face masks.
Pre-Built Analytics Dashboard
A set of web-hosted charts - using Intuiface Analytics - that automatically collect and display data generated by the Face Mask Detection experience.
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How to Make It Work?

With your purchase of the Bundle, you'll have all the software you need to run and measure Intuiface experiences consuming DeepSight Toolkit data. What remains is acquisition of the hardware necessary to make it work:
Windows-based media player, 2D USB camera, and a digital display.
Software contained in the Bundle
Components to acquire separately
Looking for an excellentWindows-based media player to run Intuiface and Sightcorp? Check out SimplyNUC.


What are the system requirements?
Windows PC with Intel Core i5 or greater, with at least 8GB RAM.
Any 2D USB camera with 1280x720 resolution. Any plug-and-play digital display. Touch support is not required.
Does Face Mask Detection work out of the box?
Yes, there is nothing to program or configure. Simply install and license both Sightcorp DeepSight Toolkit and Intuiface Player, then download and run the Face Mask Detection experience.
Is face analysis really anonymous?
Yes, it really is anonymous. No personal data is stored or retrieved (GDPR compliant). In addition, DeepSight Toolkit has implemented Privacy by Design. meaning only raw data is collected.
Can the sample experiences be customized?
All visual content in the sample experiences - including Face Mask Detection - can be replaced without having to use the Intuiface editor, Composer. With Composer, all aspects of the experience can be customized.
Is the analysis accurate for different ethnic groups?
The DeepSight Toolkit's deep learning engine and associated models have been trained using multi-race datasets, so accuracy will be high across all ethnic groups.
What is the accuracy of face mask detection?
Sightcorp DeepSight’s mask detection model performs with a 98% accuracy rate (tested on a reduced MAFA dataset). The preconfigured threshold, on a scale of 0 to 100, is 70. DeepSight Toolkit will assume a face mask is present if the confidence threshold is 70 or above.
How does licensing work?
Upon purchasing the Audience Analytics Bundle, you will receive two license keys, one for Sightcorp DeepSight Toolkit and one for Intuiface Player. The process for license activation is described in the Getting Started Guide you will receive post-purchase. Intuiface Analytics will automatically work and thus does not require license activation.
Can any Intuiface experience be run with the Bundle?
Yes, any Intuiface experience can be run with the software in the Bundle. The ability to work with DeepSight Toolkit data is free to any Intuiface Composer customer.