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Introducing IntuiFace 6: The Future, Accelerated

Combining cutting edge features with the power of machine learning, IntuiFace Version 6 puts limitless expression and assisted design in the hands of the creative in all of us.

IntuiFace 6: The next stage of interactive design creation

As the innovation leader for no-coding interactive design creation, IntuiFace needs to define the future, and not just chase it. At IntuiLab, we see the future bringing together ever more powerful expressive capabilities with machine learning. The result enables creatives to balance hands-on realization of their own vision with guidance from an intelligent system that learns best practices based on individual and community preferences. IntuiFace Version 6.0 starts that journey TODAY.

Release Highlights

NEW: Experience Layers, Triggers & Background

Experience layers are similar to the concept of a master template in slideware but much more powerful. They are optionally universal to all scenes and remain onscreen throughout scene to scene navigation so - for example - you can play an audio file without interruption during navigation. Experiences themselves can now host a background and have their own associated triggers, making it easy to centralize key design aspects across all scenes. Learn more about experience layers, triggers and background.

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NEW: API Explorer

Enter any REST-based Web Service query and our API Explorer will automatically display that service's response and then use a machine learning (ML) engine to preselect which content to display within IntuiFace. By changing those selections, you teach the ML engine about your preferences. Finally, IntuiFace generates a visual of the selected content that is dynamically connected to the Web Service. When the service is refreshed, so is IntuiFace. All this without writing one line of code! Patent pending stuff... Learn more

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NEW: Design Assistant

Every time you add content linked to dynamic data sources (for example coming from the API Explorer), IntuiFace will use a machine learning (ML) engine to scan best practices and suggest optimal layout options. Your choices will "train" this ML engine, helping it to understand your preferences, improving the quality of its suggestions. There is also a quick access option within Composer for changing collection styles on the fly. Learn more

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NEW: X-Ray Panel

Easily inspect all properties, triggers and actions exposed by services accessed by IntuiFace through an external API. Applies to REST-based Web Services, .NET dlls and JavaScript programs. Plus, through drag-and-drop, create visual assets automatically bound to any of the read-only properties returned by the service. Learn more

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"Our customers come from all walks of life but each one of them wants to walk the cutting edge. It's our goal to give it to them."
- Vincent Encontre, IntuiLab CEO

NEW: Simplified External Triggering

IntuiFace has always been about more than touch. In particular, IntuiFace is built to react to any external trigger, regardless of the source - from RFID/NFC devices to the Internet of Things. We've greatly simplified the mechanism enabling external devices or systems to communicate with IntuiFace, using a non-proprietary approach that will work in any environment. Learn more

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NEW: Share and Deploy Console

We've completely overhauled Management Console, the Web-based tool used to share published experiences with colleagues & clients and to deploy those experiences to devices anywhere in the world. Super fast and super scalable, able to handle thousands of devices, it's what our Enterprise customers have been asking for. Learn more

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Improved Performance

IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows are now available as 64-bit apps, greatly increasing their capacity to work with large volumes of content without affecting performance. Additional improvements have been made to better support multi-screen display walls and the latest iOS, Android, ChromeOS and Samsung Tizen devices.

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Refreshed Look

We think you're like us and actually enjoy using IntuiFace. It's fun! We've decided to add some color and life to the communication between our software and you. And it may seem minor but we've worked hard to make this communication as clear and actionable as possible.

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New Packaging, Shared Licensing & Pricing Model

Years have past since we visited our packaging and pricing model; it was due for a refresh. We've spent countless hours coming up with something we believe better addresses the diverse needs of our users. Most changes affect Composer pricing, packaging and licensing - like unlimited subscription license transfers! - but Player has seen some changes as well. Click the button below for a quick walk through or the link to the right for details. Learn more

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