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Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Museums

Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Museums
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Do you want to enhance your museum's display and visuals? One of the best ways to do this is by investing in high-quality digital signage for museums showcases memorable, engaging, and modern multi-touch exhibits.

Digital signage solutions are some of the most innovative and versatile platforms for museums. Through multi-touch experiences and exhibits, your museum can easily entice more visitors and effectively engage and entertain them as they explore your digital and interactive content. Digital signage software goes hand-in-hand with modern touchscreen platforms, so you can easily use your existing digitized media and content, and let your in-house creative department design, create, deploy, and measure all digital experiences. Here are some of the most distinctive benefits of digital signage in museums:

  • Digital & Interactive signage add touch and engagement to your exhibit displays: Digital signage can be deployed onto most touch-ready screens, including iPads, Android tablets, Chromeboxes, and touchscreen PC monitors. In addition to interactive educational content you could add quizzes, puzzles, and interactive games. The result is increased audience engagement and museum experience..
  • Make every visit memorable – With the  right digital signage software, your interactive experiences can incorporate social media feeds, webcams, and other tools to let your visitors create personalized, unforgettable experiences. This should encourage repeat visits while enabling them to tell their friends about  your museum and their experiences.
  • Museum storytelling shares information in a more interesting and entertaining manner – Museums can be difficult for a technology native who dislikes reading walls of text. With digital signage, you can display all your content in a more creative and entertaining way that is sure to grab and keep your audience's attention. You can even add external input devices (i.e. RFID/NFC tag readers) and beacon technology to allow your visitors to interact with your content via their own mobile devices.

Today’s museums are competing with Pokemon Go and an endless list of other digital distractions. If you can’t beat them, join them by making your museum digitally interactive as well.


Photo Credit: C MB 166 via Creative Commons

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