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Watch these great videos made by Intuiface users.

Marketing & Sales

Noor Launching and Sales Event
Digital Sphere Solutions
Deloitte State of AI survey
Tosolini Productions
Interactive touch screen experience created for Deloitte
Tosolini Productions
Interactive sales experience, customer case study - Syntegon
interactive real-estate sales presentation
Advanced Interactive Directory Screen
RealEyes Displays
Click Gestures Solutions (Touch-less Interactivity)
Click Grafix
Property Investment Group Presentation
selfie kiosk
Dmedia Group
Cocktail Ordering Kiosk
Interactive property presentation
Daw Signs
University of Oregon - Interactive Wall
Serenity Studios
Shoe Customizer
Waketo GmbH
Deloitte AI Gallery Interactive Walkthrough
Tosolini Productions
Intuiface running on Microsoft Surface Studios
Tosolini Productions
Glo Studio Interactive Product Design
Tosoville: Intuiface meets Unity 3D
Tosolini Productions
Interactive Gift Wall
UAU Group
Interactive Car Dealership Prensentation
Parrot Products Pty Ltd
Intel interactive exhibition
Smart Touch
Tablet controlled interactive video wall/menu
RealEyes Displays
Home shopping channel product demo
Funky Photo Booth Experience
Tanvas Mimo vue with TanvasTouch
True Object Recognition
PQ Labs
Deloitte Exponential Manufacturing
Tosolini Productions
Intuiface meets augmented reality
Tosolini Productions
RFID Tags Interaction
Promultis Ltd
Transparent Multi-Touch Screen Interactive Signage
Lenovo Demo
Tangible Objects Touch Tables for GKN Aerospace
Ouno Creative
Magic Mirror
Porsche Interactive Digital Catalogue
UAU Group
National Innovation Awards 2011
Formiga Design
LCD Transparente LoginPT
Subvertice Lda
Digital Retail - Face Tracking Counter
Waketo GmbH
Interactive Games for Fedex Booth
Selfie Wall and Games for Sura Feria Fair
Avatar creation screen for Sedalmerck brand
Multi-display Video Wall
Microsoft Cybersecurity eXperience - Interactive Activation
Tosolini Productions
Agricultural Hall of Fame
Popcomm's Interactive map
Interactive touchscreen experience for Antillion
IntuiFace Virtual Reality Reel
Tosolini Productions
POPcomms Ebbsfleet Garden City Marketing Suite & Interactive
Yamaha Touch Screen Presentation
Spec 360
Self-service exploration of Philips for tradeshows and conventions
Ergo Sum
Smart Glass Office with Transparent Screen
IT Building
interactive promotional app for Intel-based ASUS product line
Global Movie Services
Cartier Kiosk Collection Browsing
Micron Global Map
Multi-Touch Skoda Presentation
Touchscreen Architect
Build your BMW Experience
Future of interactive storytelling using multi-touch devices
Tosolini Productions
First Impression Casefilm for TUI Group
First Impression
Work by Microsoft Production Studios
RUN Studios
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